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I have a few questions if anyone can help, I am currently an student at my community college waiting to see if i can get into the ADN nursing prgram this year or wait till next year. At my school you get in by your grades after you take all the pre-req's, and they pick 15 people who take the NLN instead of getting the pre req's done, I only got a 112 composite score so i know that isnt gonna cut it. I so far have been getting grants to go to school, but i dont want to wait There is this vocational school right up the road that offers an LPN program but it costs 9,000 my question is can i get student loans and grants for vocational school, it says they offer finanical aide but 9,000 is alot anyone have any insight or expertise anythign would help...Thanks



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If they say there is aid you can probably get it, but if you dont have financial "need" as determined by your FAFSA, you would probably have to take out a loan for whatever the government doesnt cover, I think. Call them and find out for sure.

My thought is that $9000 is a lot for a one yr program. GL!


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You know that is what i thought as well, The other LPN programs at vocational schools in my area(PA,OH,WVA TRI_STATE) were between 3500-5000, i thought 9000 is it even worth it to do this or should i just stay in the community college and even if dont et accepted this yar based on the NLN i know for sure next year i can get in by my grades


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If you qualify with the FAFSA for the full amount, I think it would only give you around $4000, maybe $4500 at max, but you could still do loans. It really depends on how soon you want to get out of there. You might also check to see if that $9000 covers ALL costs - licensing fees/testing, uniforms, books, supplies, etc. The one I'm starting in May costs around 2500 for tuition but by the time to figure in all the other stuff it's another almost $2000. $9000 is pretty high, but I know there are programs here that charge $16,000 - they aren't reputable though!

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