Finally Nov 1 is here!! Kaiser applications question

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I was just wondering if it's only me or is anyone else having problems with getting the application to print for Kaiser. Please let me know if it's just me or others were having the same problem. Thanks

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Nope. Try again or call you know who...

Yes, I had the same problem, I emailed the person who was listed and I tried it again after he told me the problem has resolved but still could not get in. I emailed him again and finally my application went through. I am not from cali and they charging me a charge of $55 due before Feb 2011.I am not sure what is the next step.

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Whats the charge for?


I figured it out and was able to print. Now I sit and wait for January to get here as I try to enjoy my Christmas holidays.

Ibm5, there is no application fee. Only those who get an interview will be charged an application fee. I would call and find out.

You don't need to pay anything to submit your application. You only have to pay the $55 once you are invited to the interview.

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Charged $55.00 for inviting to an interview???

Only those invited for an interview ~80applicats will have to pay $55 dollars. If you get rejected, then you don't pay anything. I wish all schools were like this. Would save ALOT of money if you didn't get an invite.

The $55 is the application fee for CSU Fullerton. You will get instruction on what to do when you are invited to the interview.

Ok thank you

How did you figure out the print problem. The directions say to print each page prior to submission and when I try to do this I get garbage from the printer. What is the secret?

Sorry it's taken a while to reply, been a little hectic lately. So basically just do the application and submit, and at the end, it will show you the whole application and give you instructions on how to print.

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