Finally landed a job! however...


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I'm extremely grateful that I finally got a job :bowingpur lol... I am going to be a float in a pediatric hospital which sounds so awesome because I will get to experience all different types of units and patient populations. Peds is what I really wanted :D and I'm fortunate that I was able to get what I wanted however..... I am pretty nervous. I kind of feel like I should start studying, but I have no idea where to start :confused: because it's a float position (yes, I am a new grad :nurse:). Panic has set in...any advice?




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Deep breath, you can do this and you do have an orientation, my best advice would be to go over the most common conditions you saw on your pediatric rotation and a bit of growth and development. After that just look up whatever you can on patients learn something from every patient, Good Luck!


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Don't have any advice but I wanted to wish you lots of good luck!!!


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Thank you both!

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maybe you can make some cards with normal ranges on it and normal growth and development

ask what are the units you will be used on the most and what are the common conditions. good luck.

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