Finally landed hospital position but fear I have forgotten so much


After almost a year, 5 interviews and working at a SNF for a few months, I was finally offered a hospital position :D Although I won't be on a high acuity unit I am still quite nervous that I have forgotten so much since nursing school, that I haven't used in skilled nursing. I have a friend who works at the same hospital and recently completed their new grad program which was 9 weeks and said she leaned so much she couldn't believe it. When I got my offer the recruiter told me they felt I had enough experience that I didn't need to go through it. She also said the med surg director who interviewed me really wanted me on his unit, but was hesitant to put me directly on a busy med surg unit. He did mention that some others have struggled going straight to med surge during our interview. So they are putting me on a new inpatient rehab unit. I am so happy to have this opportunity but worried also about asking too many questions, like I tend to do, because I want to learn how to be a better nurse. I know that takes time and with experience comes knowledge so I'm hoping for the best :thumbup:

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Congratulations! New job jitters are completely normal but it sounds like you are hiring onto a place that sincerely wants to match your current level of experience with the best orientation and you have a resource in your friend and now fellow employee. Both are huge plus factors! It sounds like they genuinely want to make this a good fit from your perspective and theirs, so just be really attentive, study your Policy and Procedures manual plus whatever other materials they give you, and be forthcoming about how things are progressing in the first few weeks (ie if you feel like you're drowning) . . . sounds like you've already got a great attitude.

All the best to you!


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you HAVE to ask questions to be a good nurse... I keep being told the scary new nurses are the ones who DON'T ask questions. I'm constantly asking things and looking for more info. Be the nurse YOU are, not the nurse you THINK is better (if that makes sense?)


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I'm 6 weeks in to my first job and I still feel like I ask a million questions each shift. When I mentioned it to my preceptor she just laughed and said "there is no such thing as too many questions in nursing". Don't feel bad for asking anything, even if it's something stupid that you THINK you know - better safe than sorry! I also made friends with the other new nurses on my floor (one just got off orientation 2 weeks ago and the other started the same day as I did, so we've bonded) and we bounce questions off one another after every shift we work together.

Good luck!


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Congrats! I think its great that you are aware that you need to ask questions. Good luck!