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Finally, I wanna be a nurse

by rntobeme rntobeme (New) New

I'm in my last year of nursing school. I regret wasting my time, money, and effort going to Nursing school. 1 - I didn't know what nursing is 2 - My school didn't have a good curriculum and the coordinated clinical courses. As a result, I didn't know how to apply the knowledge I've learned into real life. 3 - I was callow and gullible: I believe everything bad and good people tell me. Worst case ever! 4 - The reason I decided to go to nursing school was to get a job easily. It's not even true in this economy anymore. 5 - I thought nursing was easy. 6 - My classmates are not friends

Now, I'm looking back at my life wasted in nursing school because I didn't study hard. I felt angry at myself. I'm saddened and angry at myself. I'm jealous of people who have studied hard.

I plan to spend my winter break studying Med-Surg, Pharm, and Path again all by myself. This time, I'll learn everything for me and because of me.

Even if I can't find a job, I'll be glad that I have adequate Nursing knowledge.

Even if I end up being something else than being a nurse, I won't regret equip myself with adequate knowledge.

I know it's already very late. Still, better now than never.

I hope I'll do OK for my practicum.

When I'm done with school and if I can't find a job, I'll be still glad that I did my best in school even tho I may not do Nursing for my whole life due to the poor prospect of job as of now. I want to be RN licensed and put that on the epitaph of my tomb.

You have said alot of what I currently feel :-) I have went back in the program twice and quit twice. Now, I REALLY want it for me. Keep going :-)

What's in the past is in the past...no point in thinking woulda, coulda, shoulda. Let me just say, you are not unique in this respect. In fact, I'd venture to guess this is how A LOT of new grads feel. You graduated at a crumby time and I'm sorry about that.

It sounds like you have a good attitude now though! Good for you! I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders.


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For the most part, once you pass your NCLEX you will be at the same level as those who studied hard. There is even a good chance that many in your class may see you as, one of those that studied hard and they wish they were in your shoes, even if you don't see it. Your first day on the job will be similar to your classmates first day on the job...you will be lost, your head will spin, and after several months of being on the job a small light will shine at the end of your tunnel vision and you will begin figuring things out on your own and even impressing yourself. Hang in there!

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The job market will get better. And after graduation, if you can't find a good job near you, consider moving to find it (if that is a possibility for you).

i have the same regrets of not studying hard when i was still a student,and now i'm quite doubtful if i can practice my career well,but i have to move forward, i still wanna pursue Nursing though it's really hard to find a job now. I just have to collect myself again after drowning my self with regrets and sadness for choosing NUrsing as my profession. I know God wants me to be a nurse since He had helped me to be a licensed one. More power to us, dear RNs...