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Finally in class


The day has finally come! I have finally started my first day of class. All the waiting and anticipation is finally behind me. The real tension and stress will soon be showing up. The first day was good until we got our homework assignments. A&P we have to outline the chapter and was given a 3 page list of vocabulary terms due back the next day of class. Already feeling the pressure but this time around I have to really focus. I have faith in myself and everyone in my class. Together we can get through this. Hope everyone who have started or will start this semester make it through to the end!!

Nienna Celebrindal

Has 12 years experience.

Good luck!! Remember this is a marathon not a strip, focus on pieces (like a day at a time, a week at a time etc), don't let the big picture freak you out.

Best advice I can give you is that and this: get 2 highlighters, highlight assessments in one color and interventions in another.