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When should I apply if I graduate in December? Should I attempt to test the waters and apply to some RN positions to see if the resume goes through?

The recruiters do not post their emails online and I don't see in the FAQ if they will look at soon to be new grads.


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I have already been applying and I graduate in December.

I know one of the hospitals in my town already did all their nurse grad hiring. The second hospital is doing all the nurse grad interviews these next two or three weeks.

The worse they could say is to wait a little longer.

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I am going to do 20 jobs a week now. I just applied to 30 jobs over the weekend.


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Call the main hospital line and ask to be transferred to the recruiter. Ask them if it's preferable for you to go ahead and apply while you're still in school, or if they'd rather you wait until you're licensed. I did this, and got a couple different answers, so I'm glad I called.

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1st rejection letter today and 1st call for an interview today.