Filipino BSN graduate living in Texas,planning to take NCLEX in New Mexico


Hello guys I am a Philippines BSN graduate and a resident of Texas. I planned to take NCLEX in Texas but then when I called the Texas BON I was told that I am not eligible to take it here as it's been 4 years since I graduated, and that I have to re educate myself. So I looked for other state that would allow me to take the exam without going back to school and study the same thing, I don't mind taking refresher courses but going back to school it takes lots of time and money which I don't have and I would want to avoid that. I've heard that you can apply in a different state and once you passed you can endorse it to any state where you want to work or doesn't need to endorse at all if you took the NCLEX in a state which is part of the compact license and practice nursing in another state that is also included in the COMPACT states. So I am planning to apply to the State of New Mexico Board of Nursing to take the NCLEX, now my question is , is it allowed to take NCLEX there even I am not a New Mexico resident? and after passing the NM- NCLEX and got my license can I just simply work as a nurse in Texas using the New Mexico license?

I appreciate every answer guys, please share what you know.

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You need to understand to come under compact you have to have a primary address in the state you apply to. So if you plan on taking it in another state then you can not apply under the compact unless you move to said state and change your primary address.

If you change addresses when you have to meet the new state requirements regarding compact rules. Suggest doing a search for compact license as this topic in many forums has been discussed at length

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If you are a resident of a compact state you are ineligible for a license in any other compact state. TX will likely still require you to take a FENS course before endorsing.

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I think the first rule of thumb when trying to obtain a RN license, is do not look for ways to circumvent the BON rules. It doesn't matter whether their rules are inconvenient to an applicant, from the BON's perspective the rules are in place to protect the public.


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I'm sorry if you're having problems with the NCLEX-RN application. I'm a filipina nurse too and currently processing my application here in Washington State, I graduated 5years ago. They received my initial application which includes information that I graduated last 2010 but I guess it's not an issue since they just sent me an update of what other requirements that I need to accomplish (TOEFL and CES), other than that, they didn't say that I'm not eligible because I graduated 5years ago. Hope you'll find better solutions! Don't give up just yet :)