Few last minute clarifications pls

Nursing Students NCLEX


So I've been using Kaplan and La Charity to practice and I'm little confused w/ how their rationales sometimes contradict.

1.preop med given and nurse finds out the consent form hasn't been signed,she informs the supervisor(kaplan says).i thought she is to tell the doc this.

2.In sickle cell crisis, fluid is priority or giving o2.i thought fluid but LaCharity says,Giving 02.

3.in preventing hepatitis,best method is getting immunized against hep or hand washing. kaplan says immunization and lacharity says hand washing

4.you notice wound evisceration. cover w/ cleanest cloth available (Kaplan) v/s. lacharity says, stay w/ the pt,check the v/s,position the pt in semi fowler,call doctor,use cloth to cover

(Will add more as I recall them)

One more:

If Ptt level is abnormally high.

a>stop hep if being infused and call doc.

b>stop heparin and infuse protamine sulfate.

- I chose B but A is the answer.Rationale:Don't just stop and infuse protamine sulfate since doc needs to write an order.

Aren't we to suppose think the doc has all this orders pre- written down in the NCLEX world? I think i heard that somewhere.

When published sources conflict, make a decision and stick with it unless you have the time to research and find THE definitive answer. Even then, it may be impossible to determine whether or not you have THE definitive answer. Most people do not have the time or resources to do this kind of research while they are preparing for NCLEX.

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