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Fertility Nurse?



If this is the wrong place to ask, please advise where else I can post this! I didn't see an area for my question and figured this was the closest.

I am but a lowly student. :D

After going through infertility for a (collective) 7.5 years, my passion is infertility. I have spent many, many hours sitting in fertility clinics, have gone through so many treatments, medications, and procedures - and the nurses were always more informative than my own Reproductive Endocrinologist. It would be my absolute dream to work in a fertility clinic.

I have only just begun my journey, and am under no illusions about the difficulty I am likely to have trying to obtain my goal of working in a fertility clinic. I know that I will be taking any job that I can at first as a new grad (if I can find one, I know it's hard), I know that it may be years and years until an infertility nurse opportunity comes my way.

My questions are these:

What would you recommend I do to acquaint myself with possibly employers, when I get close to graduating?

Is there a certain area of study that I should focus on?

When I do begin my career, are there certain departments/floors that would give me more experience to better ready myself for a job in a fertility clinic? Infertility involves so many areas of study; from endocrinology to surgery to OBGYN.

Thank you. I appreciate any advice that anyone may have! Even if it's "Get real, lady." :)

:)I would love to see the answers to these questions as well!! I am in the same exact boat as you! It would be a dream to get a job as a fertility nurse!!

Are you in nursing school already? Just about all jobs are on-the-job training, so the best way to prepare in school is to relate any projects/assignments that you can choose to infertility, any elective clinical rotations (if you get electives) to infertility clinics, and try to reconnect with the office you went to. Once you are nearing graduation, you can call offices to see if they are accepting job applications. Sometimes you may need to put your "time" in at a job that isn't your dream first so that you have RN experience to show on your resume.

Hi there, I am also looking into fertility nursing. Has anyone found out any information?? It has to be the most difficult thing to research.