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Female Genital Mutilation

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I just had a patient today, an immigrant from the Sudan who had this procedure done on her when she was a girl. Do any of you have any experience dealing with this or know of any good websites or litterature? I am specifically looking for obstetrical care for these women, I already know some about the custom and the negative health impacts. What I really want to know is things like c-section rates, sensitive care ideas, etc. We have a small bit of info at the hospital, but I feel like we all need to know more.

On a personal note, I am absolutely disguted by this practice. I also didn't realize it was done among Christians too. I can't imagine subjecting a little girl to that. This is only the second time I have seen this since becoming a nurse.

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these are all links i found through CNN.com..have not looked at them, so i take no responsibility for their approproatened\ss in this situation...

this is from amnesty international:






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Have had a pt. in labor that had it done at an early age. Usually a lot of ripping and tearing if the perineum is badly scarred(sorry to be so graphic).

The main thing to focus on is not making the pt. feel like a freak. I remember my pt. was very self-conscious about it and didn't want a big deal made about it, didn't want students, etc.. Also, of course, if a 'less-than-gentle' doc is on that day, REMIND THEM to try to be gentler with their exams, as one of the primary goals of fgm is pain with intercourse/vaginal penetration, so she's gonna need some extra TLC.

Warm compresses to the perineum throughout labor will help, maybe even put some mineral oil on the compresses prior to applying them to her bottom to help soften the skin and prevent excessive tearing. Have plenty of xylocaine ready as well as suture with smaller needles.

I'm sorry to say I don't know anything about the c/s versus vag rates for these women.

And yes, it disgusts me too, especially since it's done #1 without anesthesia #2 when the girl is like 5-10 years of age, and #3 for the express purpose of making intercourse painful. How lovely.

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