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Felony conviction in KY

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Has anyone had a felony conviction in state of Ky and had to deal with BON.this was 10 years ago, I graduate with RN this week and have had my CNA for 5 years. Been offered a job an scared the BON will hold up my provisional or even being able to test. This was non violent, non drug related.

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You should have started the process long before graduation. I moved your thread to criminal history forum there are many nurses that are here that can help you. This is a moderated forum and you may see a slight delay to posts and responses.

I suggest you call the BON now and consult a lawyer that specializes in licensure issues. Can you get the record expunged?

A girl I went to school with had a felony for fraud. We graduated and she was denied the opportunity to take the NCLEX by the KY BON.

As far as I know, she was never allowed to take the exam. She primarily used nursing school as a way to live off school loans, but it probably would have been a better idea for her to pick a different degree.

It is obviously too late to do so, but I would have advised you to contact the BON prior to enrolling in nursing school. My cousin was going to try nursing school but had a felony from a stupid one time mistake, and the BON told him he would be unable to test if he were to graduate. Schools don't care about your record because they get your money and it doesn't matter if you test after the fact.

I contacted the board prior to ever spending a dime on school. I have already mailed my explanation, court documents, referrals etc.... I was issed a CNA several years ago. As far as expungement I am starting the papers but only the President of US can issue this. I guess it's a waiting game now.


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I guess it just depends, I'm a California nurse graduation date was 2005 December, 10. I also had a colorful past that raised eyebrows for the board. I complied to all request from the board r/t my offenses, applied for the INCLEX, and two months later passed and received licensure from the state. I think what helped me was these convictions were over 30 years old and I had no further problems. I've kept my record clean and have had excellent reviews from my employers. I'm currently applying for a Arkansas licensure since moving from Ca. Keep in mind everyone makes mistakes, if you have done whatever needs to be to get your licensure, and have proven that your compassionate about your career it will come to light. Remember, the only thing your guilty of now is getting your life together. Take it from someone that knows........Good luck to you, it can be done..........Peace.