Feeling Overwhelmed


I am getting ready to start the ADN program at my local community college. I have orientation this week and after reading some threads on here I all of a sudden am panicky!!! Do I have what I need, can I do it, will I understand etc etc? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Anything to put me at ease. Thanks!


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if you weren't feeling this way before reading posts on here, I'd say stop reading the posts on here :)

Don't get me wrong, nursing school was HARD... but it's doable, hence the 1000's of nurses you see working everyday


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Read what is here, but do not allow it to alter your perception. I disregard half the things I read here honestly.

Everyone has different perceptions on how school will be. I read the site often and never has it rattled me. I am going to keep a cool head and go into my first semester and allow myself to come to my own conclusion about school.

Good luck

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There are lots of people here who will help you understand things that confuse you or that are just hard to put together in your head. Never hesitate to ask. Think it out as best you can, let us know what you think, tell us what your problem is, and we will do our best to help. We don't do homework for you, but if you have a homework question that isn't coming together for you, tell us about your thoughts and ask.

Do your homework, stay ahead on your reading, figure out what works best for your own learning style.

Don't waste an iota of your time and energy listening to the people who blame everybody else because they are failing or who have failed repeatedly UNLESS they have gotten their acts together and want to share how they achieved success.

Never put down a book or leave a conversation about a new concept unless you can turn around and explain it in your own words to somebody else; there's nothing like teaching something to really learn it, so take opportunities to do that when you can.

When you get an assignment to talk to a nurse, go see a live one. Do not expect to fulfill this requirement to your best advantage by the easy way out of an email blast. You will learn a lot more by a conversation, and it's practice for the interviews and contacts you'll be making with patients every day. That's why you got that assignment. :)

Always ask, "Why?" Why do we care about this aspect, what difference does it make if that happens, why did someone make that judgment call in that situation, why do we do it this way? When you understand whys, you're in a much better position to put all your learning bits together and be a better practitioner. Rote learning and "because we've always done it this way" makes for low-level practice.

Welcome! We need you out here. :flwrhrts: