Feeling like a stalker....


  1. How should I go about following up?

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      Follow up everyday until you hear yes or no
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      wait one or two days
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      give it up and move on
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      accept the pending offer

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I applied for a job where I really want to work, my friend who works at the same hospital was able to get me the direct # to the NM.

I called the NM last thursday and left a message. She later sent me a text saying she was interested in speaking with me but was super busy.

I called her the next morning, no answer. I didn't leave a message. I then texted, her later in the day and she responded via phone call. We spoke and I sold myself over the phone.

She then said she will be requesting my application from HR then we'll move forward from there with an inteview.

Well, now it is Monday and still no call from HR to set up an interview. I understand that it has been only 3 buisness days since our first contact however I just feel compelled to keep wanted to follow up.

I feel like a stalker:unsure:

So my question is: should I continue to follow up or should I just let it go as it is not meant to be. I have another offer pending but really want to work at this place. I dont want to accept another offer and then this job opens up.


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Ugh that is annoying lol. I would feel like if you contacted her again, it would almost be too pushy but at the same time what I she has forgotten?. Sorry I can't be of better assistance, I'm curious as to what others will say. Best of Luck!!

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If u have an offer somewhere else, I would shoot her a text and ask if she has any idea when she can get u in for an interview. Let her know ur situation. Honesty is the best policy. If she really wants to see u she'll get u in quickly. It would be a real shame if the other job slipped through the cracks while u were waiting. It might seem pushy but if she knows the back story then she will probably understand. Good luck!


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I experienced the same thing-

I sold my credentials to the DON in this hospital unit i'm very interested to apply in via email. He replied after 2 business days and was very interested in offering me a full-time position (woot woot! I'm a new grad, too!). He said he'll ask HR to forward my application to him for review.

After another 3 - 5 business days (don't exactly remember), he called me on the phone to set up an interview the next day. Interview went well but I also have another pending offer from an LTC. I thought the DON had found another candidate and/or they were in no hurry to hire somebody (the position has been vacant since October!) so I was about ready to take the LTC offer..

But 2 business days after the interview, behold! the DON called and offered me a full-time position! :) It's a good thing I gave him a *short* leeway and did not jump at the LTC offer at once~ I start working on 3/11. WEE~! Good luck!

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Congrats Diva!!!! I have an interview for Friday!!! Whoot whoot!!!!:rolleyes:


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Congratulations~! Impress 'em~! Sell yourself like hotcakes~!! lol. :)

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Interview went well, was hired on the spot!!! The only thing is that I'm worried about background check and references. I omitted an ER job that I worked for 3.5 weeks. I didn't realize until now ( reading another thread) that this may result in rescinding the offer. Ugh, it is too late to change it now. I don't know what to do:( I left the ER job without 2 week notice since I was on orientation.


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Congratulations~!! But I don't know how much impact the omitting of previous work experience could affect the offer... hadn't experienced it yet.. Hope eveything will turn out ok still.. :)


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I think they won't check it unless you listed it... let us know how it goes!