Feeling like a looser. May need to push test date back :(


At the moment I'm feeling slightly defeated. I am suppose to take my test on Friday. I am finishing up the last of my review on Hurst. She says to know all of it inside and out. I feel like I only know about 70% of it inside and out. I have not even done the Q-reviews that go with it. I'm pretty certain I will be pushing my test date back, but I really don't want to. I really would like to just be done with all of this. I just took the 180 question Kaplan test that comes with the strategies book, and received a 61% :sniff:. Even more reason for me to push my test back I suppose.....

I have taken the NCLEX and have failed twice before. Both times with 265 questions. It has been a year since I last tested. I really don't want to fail again. Im not sure I could handle it. Nor can I financially afford it.

I know, I know. I realize im just throwing myself a pity party here, I just needed a moment to vent to some people who may understand what Im feeling. My friends and family all but rolled their eyes when I talked about pushing my test day back. Im just feeling like such a looser :sniff:

Ok....I'm done. I will now go put on my big girl panties and study some more. Tomorrows another day......


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I think it is really important that you are confident before taking the test. Try to take a deep breath and focus on the things that is your weakest. I believe content is really a life saver although they send focus more on application or analysis using Kaplan. But if you fail to answer application or analysis. Content will help you to push through and back on Tracy on answering question in a higher level ... But again, just relax don't let your anxiety take you over. Try to read all the rationales and right down the missed or wrong questions on your notebook and try to think again why you choose the answer yet it was wrong and look to the right answer and read the rationale to enlighten why it was the right answer. If you missed knowledge or comprehension.. Then focus more on content try to read that topic over again.Anyway good luck! Keep your faith to the LORD and think positive! You can do it!


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here's my advice if you still feel that there are things you need to know, then giving yourself a lil bit more time to review will be a nice decision. I just took my NCLEX-RN 18th of this month and i passed. i didnt really had superb results in answering practice question, most of the time i get 55 to 65 correct answers out of 100 items. reading some of the posts here on allnurses saying that you have to get at least 80% grade to pass made me really nervous especially days before my exam.

what i did: i prayed hard, i ask for guidance from above to take away my anxieties, doubt & nervousness. yes, i still did feel a bit of pressure during the exam but believing in God & in yourself really helped me. i took my time answering questions, i gave myself enough time to analyze & understand each questions & options before making my final decision. as i am taking my exam, i felt good & in no time found myself smiling and thanking God even tho im still taking it. at 75, my computer stopped and i knew i passed. what i want to share to you is, sometimes the biggest obstacle we may encounter in our lives in achieving our success is ourselves. you have to give yourself credit for reaching this far, praise yourself & believe in yourself. say "i can" instead of "i might". don't doubt yourself...

i did: self review, using saunders 5th edition as my content, LaCharity for delegation & prioritization (most of the questions here are harder than the actual NCLEX), and NCLEX 4000 practice questions (for me, this is the best questionnaire you could have cuz its similar to the actual exam, particularly on how they deliver questions, the way of analyzing & interpreting questions & ratios). don't overstress yourself in reviewing have a schedule & healthy routine. believe in God, God believes you can.. if God believes you can, why would you doubt yourself? BELIEVE and YOU WILL SUCCEED! best of luck my future colleague! :yeah:

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first off, i understand how you are feeling. when i was preparing for my exam i had some of the same feelings. i can't decide for you but this is what i think. if you feel you are not ready to test then i wouldn't. i am not saying that i think you should push back a month or more but maybe just a week or two is all you need. i was originally scheduled to take my test on the 16th of july and had some things come up that took me away from studying. for that reason i did not feel ready, i just went to the pearson website to see if there was possibly anything in the next 2 weeks. i got lucky and there was a date for the 21st which i snatched right up. those extra 5 days really helped me to get back in the saddle and finish prepping before the big day.

the thing is if you do not have a clear mind and a confident approach you may be hindering your chances right from the start. push it back two weeks, review everything with emphasis on the weak spots and crank on questions. i found that the questions taught me more than content review. i do not do well with a wall of text. instead the questions allowed me to put my learning into a context that is more readily retained. the questions also help with your critical thinking and situation appraisal abilities.

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I just want to thank you all so much for taking the time to write such kind, and helpful words. I did decide to push my test back…. Even though im disappointed that I will not be done with all of this, I know that this was the right decision for me. I now have two extra weeks to do questions and put some last minute stuff into place.

Again, thank you all so much! Your words helped me so much more than you will ever know!!!


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Hello i was wondering if you fail for nclex rn and then you will have to wait for 45 days, can you schedule your exam from day 1 of waiting and just alotting time for 45 days to pass? Or you have to schedule after day 45. Because as you know schedules can fill up quickly.

If you need to push it back, push it back. I agree confidence and a positive attitude are essential. Taking the test, there was so much I felt I didn't know, or that I knew but the answer wasn't there. I was confident that even if I didn't know the answer I knew HOW to answer NCLEX style questions. Maslow safety/ABC. Narrow down to 2 answers, pick the best/worst one depending on the question. Look for similarities in the question and answers... The test is HARD no doubt, you have to be ready, so don't feel like a loser. Good luck! I will pray for you !