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Hello all!

As I read through the threads of the schools I've applied for, the most common question I see are "what are your stats?" I often get intimated by the high GPA's and GRE scores (if you're applying for Direct Entry MSN), and at times I question if I even have a fighting chance. Well I am here to share my story with you and to tell you in the same situation as me to NOT GIVE UP.

I was recently admitted to a Direct Entry Master's General Nursing Program just one and half weeks after submitting my application. I was in complete shock because I didn't think I would be accepted right away as my GPA and school history wasn't the best. For one thing, I was a high school drop out. I obtained my GED and attended a community college where I had less than stellar grades. One semester I had all ADW (which from my understanding is worse than just getting a W). After realizing that I needed some discipline in my life, I made the decision to join the military. When I finished my time, I came back home and decided to give school another try. I went back to the same community college and somewhat on my first semester. I got B's and C's. The following semester, I ended up withdrawing from a class, and FAILING- YES, FAILING MY A&P 2 AND GEN CHEM I. This wasn't because I didnt understand the subject, but that midway through the course I went on military orders (in the reserve) and things came up. I didn't talk to my instructors or the school about it so they had no choice but to give me a failing grade. Yes, it was stupid of me to do this and a lesson learned for not taking care of it when I had the chance to. Anyway, I took a year off school to gather myself together because I guess I still wasn't ready to be in school mode. When I finally realized I needed to finish school, I applied at a University instead of a cc and somehow, I was accepted. My gpa was probably 2.4 or something leaving the community college. Well, there I was in 4-year university and majoring in Biology. I finally got my head together and started doing better. I retook chemistry and got a B. Continued on with orgo and got a C. I took many other science classes and averaged a B.. with a few C's and a couple A's. I ended up graduating with a gpa of 3.2 (not including my horrible gpa from the cc).

When I decided I wanted to go into nursing (I lost a friend I recruited in the military- he was killed in afghanistan), I was scared to apply to any of the schools because of my two failed grades and my not so high gpa (many schools look at cumulative gpa right? mine was 2.6 or 2.7 I believe) Well, I wrote my essay and not once did I even mention my failing grades. I wrote from the heart, my experiences that lead me to pursue nursing, and my future goals once I become a nurse.

And now, here I am.. Getting ready for Nursing school- even with my two failed classes.

If you set your heart and passion into something- do everything you can to achieve it. Even though I thought I had no chance of getting into these schools, I still applied because I didn't want to quit. And now, I have gone from high school drop out to starting a Master's program. Don't give up! I know you can do it too!! Read below for some more inspiration :)

Into The Possible

Even after a thousand failed attempts, success is possible. In fact, each disappointing result brings you closer to the result you intend to achieve.

Your past may be filled with failure and disappointment, or it may be filled with achievement and joy. But no matter how it has been, it doesn't have to hold you back right now.

Right now, you can choose to learn from what has been, and to use that knowledge to move forward. You can build on the past achievements and completely leave behind the past disappointments.

Don't let the past become an excuse. Life proceeds forward from this moment, so choose to proceed forward with it.

Let go of resentment, regret, anger, envy, blame and disappointment. Focus instead on the extraordinary positive possibilities of now, and on your desire to make your life and your world the best they can be.

Now is when you can make now count in good and meaningful and significant ways. Step beyond the past and into the possible.

-- Ralph Marston

Thanks for this piece. This is a wonderful article and an inspiring one! Good luck on all your future endeavors!

Very inspiring.....

The last part of your paragraph made me feel like a coach giving a speech to a football team. I got so pumped. I get pumped over Hearing people make it into nursing

Thank your for writing this! And thank you for your military service. Good luck in grad school!

First and foremost I want to thank you for your service and protecting me and my family. My brother in-law is a staff sgt in the army and has had 3 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, so I know this isn't an easy sacrifice. God bless you for that!

Second, thank you for this inspiring post. It just goes to show the old cliche of "where there's a will, there's a way" stands tried and true! I wish you the best of luck in getting your degree and thank you again!

Thank you everyone! I am still in shock that I will be going to nursing school. My two F's will forever be on my CC transcript because I retook those classes at a different school. So like I said, Don't give up! You don't have to be great to start, you must start to be great!

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