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I have been an RN for 3 years and looking to get a Master's degree. I am currently a floor nurse but feeling burned out. I am tired of the hospital politics. I feel so removed from the patient.

I am thinking of leaving nursing all together. I don't feel I have the knowledge of what other opportunities are out there for me as a nurse. As I have young kids, I would love the opportunity to work from home. I think I would like something in wellness & prevention.


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What do you want to get your masters in? Can you possibly get an entry level job for what you want to get your masters in? Or are you thinking NP or something like that?

I'm burnt out too and decided that I don't have to be unhappy and dreading work. So I'm going back to school for something else.


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I was thinking of going into the IT field, but I don't have any experience.

RN1023. I feel your pain. I am struggling with burnout, too. There are a lot of areas to try outside of the hospital, but it seems like many employers want you to work full time, flexible shifts, overtime, travel, etc. which is all horrible if you have small kids at home.There are a lot of areas for you to consider: home health, hospice, health department/public health, clinics, research, telephone triage, private duty nursing, school nursing. Maybe just keep your eyes open and look around to see if another area might be a better match for you. That's what I'm doing...eventually, hopefully, you will find something that's a better match. Good luck!

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I've been a nurse for 2 years and also feeling burned out. Next year, I plan to quit and take at least a month off. I will probably work PRN and start travel nursing. I am also going back to school. You may want to see a doctor as well. It turns out that my iron levels are extremely low, so aside from wanting a change in general, my fatigue is physical. Do whatever you feel is best for you. Life is short.

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If the OP is interested in IT, I would strongly urge an investigation of obtaining an MSN in Nursing Informatics. This is a rapidly growing specialty area. Healthcare providers HAVE to adopt electronic records in order to maintain reimbursement associated with the Federal "Meaningful Use" regulations. Right now, too much informatics work is being done by traditional 'computer' folks who don't have clinical knowledge or sensitivity... with predictable results.

We (healthcare) desperately need more clinicians to assume roles in informatics in order to ensure that our computer systems actually support the way we provide care rather than try to adapt to how the 'outsiders' think it should be done. There are also (post Bac) certificate programs if you're not sure about going for a masters. Check out his site for a ton more information Home | AMIA.

Best of luck to you