Feel like giving up hope on Nursing....

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Just depressed and down. Feel trapped in a Health Care position where I am at the top no more advancement unless I return back to school for another degree. Feel there's not much I can do with my degree that can march my current pay level. Work feels like being on egg shells with the drama and people leaving. Schedule gets crazier and crazier.

They are jacking the cost of the community colleges up on my State and shutting down college's. Been wait listed twice for the program. So looked into a private college where night have a chance. For the associates alone cost about $30,000. Add in for 2 years have to travel 650 to 700 miles a week between school/home/class.

Any entry State BSN program is going to be costly and time consuming.

I don't know what to do next. Anyone been in a similiar circumstance?

Appreciate the feedback.

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LPN? It's a great starting place.


LPN? It's a great starting place.


LPN program is costly and not a flexible program.

Was considering relocating.

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SE Wisconsin has a great environment for nursing. Not really a waiting list for the ADN programs, and hospitals hire RNs with ADN as well. Plenty of jobs and hospitals too.

Thinking of going for my Medic then find a job out of State in a low COL area with abundant programs do a Medic to RN Bridge program

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