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how do you feel about last few weeks of school


I know I feel like alot of stress is coming off my shoulders want to hear your opinion thanks

The last few weeks of school for me were very challenging ,stressful and scary but I got through it,received my nursing pin April 2nd I guess its normal to be a little nervous,after all when your at the end you have this natural fear that something could go wrong and hold you back from what you've been waiting for ,for so long

Yeah I just had a nightmare I made a 66 on cardiology test wow at least we don't have to do care plans anymore yayyy


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I graduate on May 15th. I have a ton of different emotions I feel right now. One of them is fear knowing that I'll be on my own. Even though I'm sure I'll graduate at the top of my class, I feel like I just don't know enough. But nursing school teaches you just the minimum. The rest you learn through experience as you practice. So I guess it's okay to feel like this. Just remember that if millions could do it then so could you.

To me I am feeling the same as you. I graduate in 8 weeks and even though I have finals and one more class to contend with, I feel my stress level is SO much lower than it had been. I feel like I could walk into a facility and be a nurse, like I know what I'm doing. As shortly as 2 months ago I did not have that confidence

I feel as if a large load of sand has been dumped on me.

I am so nervous.... I feel like I'm drowning....


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I feel no pressure, wheee

Happytony, ADN, RN

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Omg, so happy that the end is near June 17th. I'm trying to stay calm, & focus on the ATI tests & preparing for the exit exams.

go ahead and start reviewing all your old notes from school and read alot of free flashcards off the net,, you got to get your nclex passed and get a job...so get on it early so you can be first to be applying for jobs, i'd go ahead and talk to some employers even before you take nclex.