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recently, I just found out a little bit worried about myself, whatever you can name..confused or disappointed or curious....I said to myself, why u worried about hanging a drip at the end of your shift though you already double checked the bag two times. While I was hanging that bag, charge nurse knocked the door and asked me to gave a brief report on all of my patients...do u have this patient?... no, it's not my...do u have that patient...he already been discharged. I just want to threw this words to his face..go away..but in front of patient and family, I just answered his stupid questions and allowed his disruption while I was starting a new IV and new drip. After I came back home, this scenario kept floating up and I asked myself, did I hang a right bag? I knew I already checked and scanned. i'm blaming myself why I didn't say something "wait because I don't want to be interrupted.."

why I have such a tolerance with interruptions even though I hate that...why I don't know a tactical approach to refuse...I'm damaging myself by being such a stupid confidence to be capable of doing a lot of tasks...should I be conscious of my instinct which sometimes could lead wrong directions though mistakes do exists....

OMG, I need some direction please...

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Well, micstnn, I've found that as I've gotten older, I need to focus more. Call it being easily distracted, call it loss of long term memory potential, or just being absent-minded, or whatever, I don't do well with distractions.

I once read that after the age of 50, we shouldn't multitask, so I remind others, "I can only do one thing well at a time". If they ask me a question while I'm performing an important task, I'll say something like, "Just a moment. I'm focused on this".

To not be focused heightens the potential for mistakes.


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Davey, thank a lot for replying and sometimes I was surprised that why I'm slow comparing to young nurses, but I do enjoy working with them and their energy and intelligence inspires me to go gym and Eat healthy and be humorous... LOL

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It's perfectly OK to tell the person interrupting you that you you need to focus on the task at hand and tell them that you will get back to them. All bets are off during an emergency of course. I say this statement multiple times a day during my shifts as my Vocera always seems to go off just as I performing venipuncture. Since I am responsible for my practice I have no qualms about letting others know that I am concentrating. This is a huge negative of the vocera system and I miss my pager when I could call back when I was free.

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You're feeling confused and upset because you did not follow your inner voice. But now you will ;)

Best wishes