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Hey our hospital is having a lot of trouble with the huber needles that we have. We are looking to possibly look at new ones. What are your favorites?

We are looking for a needle that is easy to access with, doesn't have issues with the needle coming up if you press on the butterfly pieces (3 & 4 yos keep deaccessing themselves) and can fit both needles when using a double port.

Thanks in advanced.

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What are you using now that you dislike? There are several ways to handle the choices here.You will always need to have a non=coring needle that is power injectable capable.You can use power injectable non=coring needles on ports that are now power injectsble but risk having tbe port identified as power injectable.You can also carry both power injectable and non=power injectable.My favorite non=power injectable is BARD's SafeStep.The needle is sharp and the footprint is small.You can slide any unused needle length up so the round cushioned pad is flush to the skin,making securement easy and needle movement impossible.I also like BARDs power loc for a power injectable choice.

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We use Bard Powerlocs and Minilocs, they work on dual lumen ports and I've never had an issue with our peds de-accessing themselves.

Power Locs are my favorite. The little mini butterfly wings are the perfect size to get a strong steady hold during placement. Others I have used are large and bulky. I don't see the power locs nearly as much as I'd like to.

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Please, please follow proper tender process.

Set up criteria that a huber must meet, talk to the procurement people, do trials, evaluate based on staff experience, pt / family experience, any need to change other items if this product is changed, cost, logistics of delivery.

Asking random individuals in the net is not the way to go about this....

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I don't think there is any thing wrong with just asking other experienced nurses opinions.as you at least have a starting point.I have worked with so many diffetrnt brands I do have a definite preference.They are lucky they even have a choice.Big companies often have these decisions made by people not even working with the products and are often chosen by what contract gives them the best price and what items are in a particular contract.

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