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Thanks for the quick response. How long did it take you to finish. I am looking for something I can do part time. And how long are the papers (3 pages 10 pages). Also did you have tests or clinicals?


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Tests yes, clinicals no, but there are some " projects" that you have to do like teaching older people on a topic, spending some time with an advanced practice nurse, etc. My papers ranged from 3-25 pages (that is just me though). I went part time and finished in just over 2 years. I'm going back for my MSN this fall.


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Yes, did you ever find one and go with it? HELP in deciding also...

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I am going to Boise State. Had to take statistics and the rest are nursing classes. It will take me 15 months total. Great communication with faculty and inexpensive.

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How long did it take you?


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Hi Tasha, I have a quick question for you. Which collage did you do your RN - BSN program? By your description above, it looks like it was a great collage! I want to do my BSN online. Please advice. I did my RN at Keiser University Orlando, they have a RN-BSN online program but its so damn expensive and it's 2 years NONE-STOP. Please talk to me sista!


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How diffucult was Boise University? I am looking into that program and it seems very good!


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On 7/28/2013 at 12:23 PM, thenursemandy said:

I am using Excelsior College. They aren't picky with prerequisites. It's nice that they don't tell you which prerequisites to have like some colleges in Texas that want you to have Texas government and Texas history etc etc. They give a military discount, so it costs me $250 per credit hour.

WOW!, they just lost accreditation on April 20, 2020. I am looking at this thread as I am looking for ASN to BSN on line now, in 2020...

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Has anyone been through the Liberty University RN to BSN program? Thoughts?


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I am looking for RN to BSN online program that is fast and manageable with full time work. Can you recommend one that is manageable (lesser writing pages. etc)with assignments/projects etc. Thank you so much for your time and reply !!

Look at FSCJ online RN to BSN. Even out of state tuition is pretty reasonable and yes the school has a large brick and mortar presence too. Fully accredited. 

However I plan to go through Cappella I think...supposedly you can do it in 4-5 months and less than $6500 if you work at it every day. I think that will be my plan. I have to check the latest tuition but that's what I've heard. 

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