fastest adn to bsn program


Havn't the patience or time to look at every online college website to find fastest adn to bsn program available. Has anyone got that info already?


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By far, I've found western governors (WGU) to be the fastest AND cheapest. 6 months completely online term. Around 3k tuition. Nonprofit. CCNE Accredited. Excellent rapport from the allnurses community!

Many many members here have done that route and completed their RN-BSN within 6 months. The idea is that WGU offers competency units and you can complete AS MUCH as you can within a 6 months term. Most people can do it, but it's a ton of work. Obviously, if you want, you can use another 6month term to finish.

Haven't found anything that's such a steal as this one as of yet, but on constant lookout. Currently an ADN student :-)

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I agree, WGU is the fastest IF you are *very* motivated. And the cheapest. :)

I did finish within one term (actually, 1/2 of a term!), and I do know several others that did it as well.. but I had to add that based on anecdotal data, the vast majority of people these days end up taking two terms (and sometimes more). However, even with two terms, it's still cheaper than anywhere else! :)


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You dont have to look up every online rn-bsn program but you will have to do some legwork to decide which program is best for you. There is a rn-bsn online on allnurses so you can begin there. I wanted to do my bsn in as short a time as possible so I narrowed down some programs and researched their requirements. I was given a lot of advice on this site and I ended up choosing Univ of Maryland because I had met all their requirements. Prior to nursing school I attended a university and took a lot of humanity courses as well as statistics. It was very expensive at $500/credit but I was done in 2 semesters.