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fast paced to sloooww


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I have been working at a skilled nursing facility for two years. I worked 3-11 and the last six months 7-3,. I moved and went back to the home health agency and tonight was my first shift..........soooo boring I can't stand it. I thought it would be a nice break but I don't know .. Anyone else like the craziness of a SNF/rehabb?

Missingyou, CNA

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Yes! Me!

I much prefer the craziness of SNF over home care.

While I can appreciate the need for home care CNA's, it isn't for me. I would rather have too much to do than not enough, even tho it can be frustrating in a different kind of way.

SNF= frustrating because you can't possible do everything you're "suppose" to do the way you're "suppose" to do it.

Home care= frustrating because you don't always get to use all your skills and there can be lots of downtime.

Good lord, we could use someone with the skills to fast paced work on my weekend. Our part time weekend help has no idea what working efficiently means.

I work for a home care agency and an ambulatory surgery center (PACU and pre-op). The surgery center is definitely fast paced. I used to just work for home care and it bugged me for a long time because it was basically very slow and it involves a lot of housekeeping and food making which were some of the things I had no plan on practicing. Some people like home care, so good for them.

Do it for a while so you will have income, but make sure you apply for another job. If you plan on nursing school, you will not be exposed to an abundance of relative information by doing home care unless your patient is a vegetable or quadriplegic. I don't mean to sound like home care is the worst job but for fast paced people like me, it's not going to be a good experience.