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I just wanted to share a funny happening with you. Today a 1st grade student came into the clinic, he had spilled his water all down the front of his shirt and pants. He had on blue dress pants, a button up, and a sweater. This was his normal attire. I had seen him at lunch a few times and each time he always had something great to eat like clam chowder and french bread. Never just a pb&j and chips. I gave him a tee shirt and jeans and told him that I would dry his clothes.

When he returned an hour later. I handed him his dry clothing. He stated that his mom always made him wear "fancy" clothes. I responded that he always looked very nice! He went on to say that he wished he could just wear normal clothes like the rest of the kids. I looked at him and said...well you have jeans and a tee shirt on that normal enough? If so you are welcome to wear them the rest of the day. Just return them to me tomorrow" His eyes lit up and he smiled. "Thank You SO MUCH!"

I just think its funny how some wish they had "nice" things, name brands, and better better better and others...just want "normal". I guess the grass is always greener on the other side...:rolleyes:


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I see more 'spills' in his future! ;) lol

Too cute!

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When i was working the K level school, it would astound me to get my little fashionista in my office after a spill or accident that would insist on going through the box herself to pick out something suitable. I'd tell her, "Honey, this ain't Gap Kids. Here's a shirt, here's pants, etc now go get changed..."

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Not a school nurse but that story is too cute! His eyes lit up over jeans and a T-shirt!! lol :)