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I live with my boyfriend. Yesterday he developed a cough which I assumed was just allergies. Told him to take some Claritin didn't think too much of it since he hasn't been out of the house much or anything like that. Overnight he developed a fever and he's currently at home with a fever. He called the health department this morning and they told him to come get tested for Coronavirus.

I notified my boss because my understanding was that CDC guidelines would require the whole household to quarantine until we have a negative result. She said I was fine to work anyway but they would pull me out of the field if his result was positive. Does this sound safe? It terrifies me because I'm a Home Health nurse and some of these patients would have a terrible prognosis if exposed.

I mean hopefully he is negative but I just wondered if this sound is in line with what other Home Health agencies or hospitals or clinics or whatever we're doing?

I work in an LTC and if any of our employees answer "yes" to the question on their screening forms about household members having symptoms they are not allowed to work. They would have to quarantine for 14 days or could come back if the household member was tested and it came back negative.

My extended care home health clients made it very clear they don’t want us coming to their house under any circumstances if there is the possibility we are sick. To be quite frank about it, they expressed this attitude from day one, long before this pandemic. Their edict takes precedence over anything the agency might say about it. I imagine if there are adverse outcomes and it was discovered we/you were not truthful, there could be some negative legal ramifications. I would not jeopardize my patient, their family, myself, or my license. If the agency canned me for refusing to work, I would just find another employer.

Thanks. I ended up letting them know I will not work until I know he is negative because I feel it potentially exposes our patients to an unnecessary risk. My boss was pretty condescending about it, basically said OK but I don't understand the guidelines. But I feel comfortable with the decision I made.

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While you are in close contact, some places may tell you to wear a mask at work, guide hand hygiene, until results come back. If you were a surgical mask while at work you are protecting others. But again, it depends on your employer's policies.

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