The SNF I work at staffs primarily with LPNs, especially on PMs and nocs. Back in the spring the DON decided that anytime there is a fall and there are no RNs in the building that the LPN needs to call her or text her (if it's late) and update Her on the fall right away. Not a big deal. Well now she's changed that and is requiring the LPN to call her and speak to her BEFORE getting the resident up off the floor! So at 3:00 am we are expected to leave the resident laying on the floor to go and call the DON to get her ok before we get the person up?! The DON has a history of not answering her phone or returning calls!! I find this new policy ridiculous and a lil inhumane.. Thoughts?

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Ridiculous and dangerous. Your DON needs to have a night RN supervisor.

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Yikes. Sounds like it might be time to contact the ombudsman.


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So dangerous! I would never leave the pt. our facility protocol is to stabilize the neck, evaluate the pt. take vitals then get the pt up and call the doctor and family. The incident report would tell the DON what happened in the am I see no need in calling her

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It's prudent to follow the directive as closely as you can. However, in what you describe, I'd see to the patient first and call the respective DON in the rotation of calls following ensuring the safety/stability of the patient. If questioned, I'd simply default to the saftey and status of the patient superseding the phone call. Which may not be something your DON will immediately agree with, but your BON will.