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I have followed previous threads related to applying to Wake Tech's competitive nursing program. I will be applying by January 31 in hopes of starting their nursing program in the fall of 2018. I am currently finishing prerequisites and will be taking the TEAS in January. I hope to be in the 162 point range if I complete my current courses with A's (bio 169 and hum 115) and get top scores on the TEAS (several ifs!).

Anyone else want want to keep up a dialogue as we approach the application deadline? I'd also love to hear from folks on alternate nursing programs and comparisons to the Wake Tech curriculum if anyone has some info to offer.

I have heard they are changing the point structure after this application submission and am also curious if anyone has solid info on that.

Let's get the conversation started!

Hi! I'm also applying for fall 2018 admission at Wake Tech. Finishing Bio 169 & Bio 175 and should definitely be studying for finals but instead am procrastinating on this board, lol.

My understanding after going to an info session a while ago, and talking to an admissions counselor fairly recently (after I took the TEAS), is that beginning with this admission cycle, the points for Soc 210, Psy 150 & Psy 241 will no longer be doubled. Of course, that's for all of us, so all it really means is that our Bio classes are weighted slightly heavier (very slightly!), and it is a little more difficult to figure out how competitive we are because it isn't quite apples to apples when looking at the point spreads from last semester. For my personal purposes, I'm calculating my points based on the old system as well as the new system, just so I can compare myself to the cutoffs for last semester's admission.

There will be a minimum score of 59 required on the TEAS for admission, but that doesn't start until Spring 2019.

Nice to "meet" you! Hopefully we'll be full-fledged nursing students by this time next year!!

Wow, 169 and 175 at the same time! I am impressed. You'll be in better shape than me. I'm taking 175 in the spring semester as well as PSY 241. They're the only two prerequisites I have left so I'm hoping I'll have enough points for admission. I met with an advisor and found out about the point changes a few days ago. I also have not taken the TEAS yet. I'm going to take it on December 8 and probably one more time before January 31. I hate that I have to take it on the 8th but the last date Wake Tech has it is December 14 which is the date of my 169 final. Let's keep in touch on this board. Hopefully more folks will join and we can keep this conversation going!

Would you let me know how 175 compares to 169 in terms of difficulty? Who did you take? Any scoop on 175 would be greatly appreciated!

Best of luck to you!

Hey. Currently taking my prerequisites to apply for classes in the spring 2019 term. Really curious however, about how long nursing school is after completing prerequisites and being accepted.

I am very curious about that, too, as there are not that many classes left once the prerequisites are finished. Does anyone know how quickly those courses can be done? I know the clinical hours increase as you continue but I, too, am anxious to finish and get to work.

Hi! Hope your TEAS & your 169 final went well - I have my finals for 169 & 175 on Monday, so am spending this weekend cramming! Yes, it's been a heck of a semester, having 169 & 175 at the same time, I'm glad to have it coming to an end! It's hard to say which was more difficult - I found my 169 class more challenging, but also way more interesting and fun. 175 was more straight memorization, less critical thinking. I think a lot of that depends on the instructor, though. I had a phenomenal 169 instructor. Who are you taking for 175? I don't know a lot of the instructors, and I think that several of them left this fall so there may be some new faces.

In terms of length of the actual clinical program, I think it's 2 years, and it just takes what it takes, no way to speed it up, because of the clinical schedule. I know what you mean about being ready to start work, though - This is a second (ok, third) career for me, and I feel like I don't have time to waste!

I did okay on the TEAS but not as well as I wanted! I got 87% which is 12 points and I want 20. I'm taking it again on January 9. I hardly studied for it at all and feel like after preparing for my 169 final and more studying over the holiday break, I'll do much better next time. The administrator told me that only 3% got 91% or above in 2017! Can you believe that??

I finished 169 yesterday and also had been taking HUM 115. Thankfully I was able to finish with A's!

I have a friend from 169 who had applied this fall for the nursing program starting in January. She was number 8 on the alternate list and found out around two weeks ago that she got in and she told me yesterday they are up to #14 or 15 on the alternate list.

She has all of her prerequisites finished and only has core nursing classes left and I think she said she could do the in a year and a half but I'm not sure.

I am taking Professor Vinal (I think that's the correct spelling) for 175. He came with great recommendations from a few other students and on rateyourprofessor.com. Also, I did not want the "flipped" classroom model that the other profs teach for 175. Did you have that? If so, how was it? Who was your instructor? Let's keep in touch!

plan on applying in July for the Jan 2019 nursing courses it possible to apply without finishing 169 and 175 if I plan only completing them before the nursing core classes would begin?

I would recommend you meet with an advisor. Acceptance into the nursing program is very black and white -- based on the number of points which is calculated by the grades you have in the courses you've taken so far. The points structure has changed so when I apply in January it will be the first time Wake Tech has used the new point structure. So until they go through this next application cycle, they won't really know what a target or competitive number will be to have. Either way, good luck to you! Keep us posted if you meet with an advisor as to what you hear. Other than this forum, I haven't found a good way to get lots of information on the process.

@Aseason4peaches - @suebeecron is exactly right, it is completely black and white and based on points. You can apply at any time, but the more points you amass before applying, the more competitive you will be. On the new point spread, English, Soc, Psy & Hum electives are worth up to 12 points each, A&P classes (168 & 169) are worth up to 32 each, and Microbiology (175) is worth up to 24. The TEAS test is worth up to 20. So the total points are now 180. If I have it right! They used to double the points for both Psychology classes & for Sociology, so they were worth up to 24, but no more. So the total points used to be 216. It is definitely challenging to figure it all out. Meeting with an advisor helps, as does attending the info session.

I got an 87% on the TEAS as well! Which was better than I thought I would do - taking it in the middle of a tough semester without prepping at all. I know, I was shocked when the administrator told me that hardly anyone got the full 20 points. Made me feel pretty good about my 12! I definitely think you'll be able to improve your score after completing 169 and studying over the break. Plus, now you know what to expect, which also helps.

I finished finals for 169 & 175 yesterday - huge relief to have them over. I finished 169 with an A, but missed an A in 175 by 1%. So, literally just a few points. But I knew that was coming, so not a huge shock. I would have had to get a 101 on the final to pull out an A, and that was not going to happen! I kind of had to choose where to focus my energy, and 169 was worth more points and an A seemed more attainable in that course - for me, anyway. But with A's in everything else and my 12 points on the TEAS, I think I'm competitive. I guess all that's left is to sit back and wait. I turned in my application a few weeks ago!

I had Dr. Nunez for 175. We were supposed to have Professor Dix but she left, and Dr. Nunez took over, which was somewhat disappointing as I'd read reviews and specifically chosen not to chance taking him. People either love his flipped classroom or can't stand it. I know it works, and I know there have been studies on it's effectiveness, but after this semester, I can say that it's definitely not for me. It's not a matter of having to be prepared for class - I've always tried to do the reading prior to lecture, it's more that I struggled with feeling like the time in lecture was valuable. Add spending a lot of time just pulling information out of a power point prior to lecture, followed by then studying that information... Anyway, just not for me. Like I said, some people love it, but unfortunately there's no way to know if it will work for you until you're in it!

That is crazy about the alternate list - I wonder what the lowest amount of points they are now accepting is? I mean, I guess it makes sense - you apply so far in advance, people apply to different programs, life situations change... Just goes to show - don't panic if you're an alternate!!

Have a great, restful break everyone! Off to finish my Christmas shopping (and START my Christmas shopping, lol - been a rough couple of weeks!!! Good thing I have an understanding family!)

I asked my friend if she knew how many points the 14th or 15th alternate had and she said she thought it was around 145. Merry Christmas! I have to get started for mine now, too. We don't do a lot of shopping but I haven't done any!

Hi... I took the TEAS a second time today and got it up to an 89% from 87% but that 91% still eluded me. So 12 points it is -- I cannot take it a third time. I completed my application today and will be dropping it off tomorrow and hoping for the best!

I have all A's except for sociology which I took ages ago at NCSU and got a B. I am taking BIO 175 and PSY 241 this semester so I don't have those points yet. I have 136 points under the new structure and would have had 154 under the old structure. I don't think 154 would have been very competitive but hoping my A's in 168 & 169 help out. Let's keep in touch and hopefully more folks will join in this chat for more group support.

I reached out to my 169 classmate who got into the nursing program that just started and asked her what the schedule is like. I'll share whatever scoop I can get. Good luck, everybody!

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