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Fall Semester and COVID

I'm curious to know...what are your schools planning on for fall semesters due to COVID?? Here in MA, we're still in "Phase 1" of re-opening the state, and no one has heard how school will be impacted come the fall. Clearly, we were all pulled from clinical last semester, and have online simulations for the Summer. Have any nursing students been allowed back in hospitals yet??

I'm in ME and we just began the second phase of reopening. There's been no word on classroom format for this coming fall, but we were told to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. As far as clinical placements go, we've heard that one hospital is definitely accepting students in the fall, with preferential treatment for seniors. While I haven't heard anything specifically from other facilities, it gives me hope that this one hospital will accommodate as many preceptorships as possible, and I'll be able to graduate on time without sacrificing competency.

I'm in Oregon and one of our school's usual hospitals has opened up to some nursing students, the other hasn't yet. But they may in July - they are going to re-evaluate as the state opens up more and we see what happens with the numbers of infections. I graduate at the end of Summer - so I'm hoping that there will be a clinical placement for me, preferably in a hospital. I've heard long term care and rehab centers are ready for students.

I’m going to school in VA and my school decided to reopen but we’re pushing the semester two weeks up and ending two weeks early that way we can be out of school before the second wave hits!

So interesting to hear what everyone's schools have in mind! We spoke to our program director yesterday, and unfortunately she's still not sure if we'll be allowed back in the hospitals, mainly because of the fact that we're scheduled to complete our Med Surg II rotation, which leads to a greater potential for exposure. They also haven't made any decisions concerning online vs in-person classes, but she's thinking that most professors will move their classes online.

Here in california we are headed into phase 3 which is supposed to include schools. My school is beginning to allow students back on campus soon with modifications. It will be a limited amount of students at a time. All nursing core is still online. However they want to try to get skills labs back with about 3-4 per instructor.

As for clinical we have telehealth and next term should be the same way. There is word that some hospitals are letting students back but I am not sure how many. Hopefully we will be able to get back to clinical soon.


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In CA we are starting to open back up. Our nursing school emailed us saying that we will be doing a hybrid model, lectures online and labs/clinical in person, and at the hospital. I'm super happy that we aren't doing online labs/clinical because it would be super hard.

I'm in Indiana. With my school, students at some of the campuses were able to go back into the hospitals this Summer. My campus isn't one of them. We should be able to have in-person lectures again in the fall. Hopefully the rest of us will be able to go back to the hospitals at that point as well.

I just finished my senior practicum at a local hospital. The health system I worked for decided that they will only let students in their final term have clinical placements - their senior practicum - in the hospital this fall. Not sure about the other health systems in the area... Good luck! Wash your hands 🙂

As for classes, it is a hybrid model with labs in person but with few students - instead of 2 labs, we had/will have 4 - with 9 students each as opposed to 18. Lecture is online...

TX here. My school has us set to return to clinicals next Monday. I'm starting my peds rotation, but for an 8-week section we only have 4 clinical days. I feel like that's nothing. All lecture based courses are online. Very thankful to be done with vSims, but I'm nervous since we never got to really practice the skills we learned in person. I'm supposed to be graduating in April but due to COVID cutting my clinical time I feel like I'll have nothing nursing related to put on my resume.


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