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Fall semester is almost over. How did everyone do?


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To all you first semester nursing school students, like myself, how did the first semester go? Was it tougher or easier than all the hype made it out to be? Did clinicals go your way? Did you learn a lot? How about grades?

My semester started great. No stress, not freaking out like my classmates. But, on test number 3, I got an 80% and started to panic a little. I then got an 82 on test 4 and saw my hopes of an A slip away. It's been hard to come to terms with the fact that I will be getting my first ever B, and in a 9 credit hour class.

But, the positives are that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE clinicals. I had the absolute hardest, best instructor out of our school and I've learned a ton. I may not remember the name of ever antibiotic on a test, but I know how they effect my patient in a real world setting. I have made a lot of amazing new friends that I hope will be lifelong. I can't wait to see what next semester brings, and maybe, just maybe, I can pull that A out then.


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Oh I cannot wait for this semester to be over!

The good:

I haven't found the NCLEX testing style to be all that difficult and I've made all A's so far. Always waiting for the other shoe to drop, but unless something catastrophic happens I, guaranteed all A's this semester.

I really like the vast majority of my classmates and instructors and they've really be an great support system.

My kids are still alive and only one has started calling the babysitter "mama."

I have discovered a new love for running thanks to the stress level of nursing. Which ay not seem all that amazing, but it would be if you knew me.

As much as I've loved being at home with my kids over the years, I really needed more adult and intellectual time, so overall I gotta say my mental health status has gone up ;-)

The not-so-good:

My complete lack of hands on ability has never been more glaring. I can barely get the bed rails down, much less be the person who does everything perfectly the first try.

My house is gross.

I have a kid who calls the babysitter "mama."

I had a hard time adjusting to the non-stop busyness of NS. So many projects, assignments, clinical logs, reading assignments ...so much STUFF. I've broken down more than a few times just from feeling overwhelmed.

Glad your semester seems to have gone so well!

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Yeah, the house is gross. I agree. I only have a 13 year old, so no babysitter, but I have been usurped by Dad (very sad for me). I'm glad you've found running as your stress reliever. I lost running. I used to run marathons, now I'm happy if I get a 2 or 3 miler in once a week.

I agree about the style of questions on the test. Not so hard. Well, a few times I got tripped up, but for the most part, they're easy to weed through. I'm glad that you found more good than bad, and great job on the As!

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I'm in my second semester of actual nursing school, but I began clinicals this semester for the first time. I am quite happy with how this semester has been! It's been completely stress-free. I am very lucky. I have had a lot of projects/tests/assignments due, but I write things down in my planner and on sticky notes. I *have* to write assignments down, otherwise I will literally forget about them. I have a weird brain.

Clinicals have been an experience. I had zero healthcare experience (except for home health as a CNA, which is nothing like the hospital), so it's been quite a learning experience. I feel a little more confident with a head to toe assessment, but I definitely need more practice with hanging IV meds. I have only done it once. I can't believe we only have one clinical left this semester. We get out December 6th, but our last clinical is November 28th. I'm studying for finals and last tests. A lot of studying, but I'm not freaking out just yet. ;)

I really enjoy my school. I feel like the instructors want you to learn and succeed, and if you ask for help, they are more than willing to help you do well. For that, I am eternally grateful.

You've already read my thread, but I'm in my second semester at my local community college. Currently passing my med/surg class, good teacher. Clinicals are awesome, fun and I learn a lot. I, along with 7 out of the 9 other people remaining in my class are currently failing our mental health and pharm 1 classes with one more test and a final to boost us up to passing. You peeps who manage to come out of your semesters with good grades make me think about my choice of program. I know you all work hard to get those grades, but so do me and my classmates.

The semester is almost over?! It's so hard to believe. I too, was a straight-A student. I kept reading on this forum that students were not getting the A's they were used to, and I thought for sure that I would be the one to keep mine. :roflmao: Well, the joke's on me!!! I'm averaging an 88% in fundamentals, and 92% in Pharm and trying so gosh-darn hard to keep them. Three weeks left until finals and we'll be moving on to our second semester!

Clinical days have been amazing. I spent some time in the ICU along with the OR for minor procedures and I was really excited to witness a bedside PICC insertion, but I learned a lot!! I managed to team up with a couple of super cool nurses who were sooo happy to show me new things. Being in semester 1, I've done IM/SC injections, urinary catheters and sterile dressing changes. I can D/C an IV, but not initiate one. I'm still one of those students that thinks you're not a nurse until you know how to put an IV in someone like a rockstar ;)

Not as great as I hoped. I am struggling with med surg. Just took the third test and I thought for sure I was going to do good. I studied really hard and ended up just failing by a few points. I am averaging a few points above passing in this class.

So I have one more test to take and it is supposedly the hardest test of the semester. I am going to kick it up a noch and do my best.

Hi everyone. I'm new to this site but it is so helpful to see others who are going through what I am and being able to relate. I was a straight 4.0 until nursing school! I tend to overanalyze and I hate those darn NCLEX style questions. So my average is about three points above passing. I'm much much better with technical skills, dealing with patients, and clinicals than I am with the tests. Infact last night I failed a test on fluid and electrolyte balance. I got a 74 and 77 is passing. So I have one more exam on periop and elimination. Hopefully I do allright with it. I really want to be a nurse and would be so humiliated if I failed out :(

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My semester is almost done. So far I have a B average in Pharmacology and in Funds, also. We have one more test in each class before our final exam so first semester officially ends in about 3 weeks. I feel drained by this whole semester, and, no, it was not what I thought it would be......absolutely nowhere near what I thought but that is a good thing because if I had known beforehand exactly how grueling and stressful this would be I very well would have changed my career goal to something else, still within healthcare though. After I got used to getting up at the crack of dawn, I did learn to enjoy clinicals. My clinical group was/is the best! Met quite a few cool, friendly, funny and helpful girls...makes the time go by faster. I am so glad this semester will be over soon and I'm looking forward to starting the next one :unsure:

It's been harder in some ways and easier in others. I have 90-92% averages in all classes. I have not studied as much as I need to to get A's, but I'm passing and my kids are still alive! I've had a few melt downs, but not really about school- more about all the crap I have to clean when I get home! It's been tough balancing everything, but now that I know what to expect and have a feel for how the program is run, I think I'll be fine. I love learning about nursing! I've been working for this my whole college career, so it's awesome!