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Does anyone have a fall prevention program in use they would like to share? We have been doing fall prevention forever but want to write it into a program. Also any info on what fall risk assessment you use would be great!



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Some things to consider: medicatons pt. is using, gait, mental awareness........ try this website, hope it helps...........http://www.medinfo.ufl.edu/cme/hmoa2/falls/slide2.html


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Falls Assessment/Falls prevention program.....

This link can show you how one Nursing home (Isabella Geriatric Center) in NYC did it and was even featured by the Nursing Homes magazine..


... hope it helps. :)



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In response to nur20, this is a great website! Approximately a 14-minute presentation on fall assessment and prevention. Not just for nurses. I'm thinking it would make for a great inservice. The aides might be educated on the importance of remembering hearing aids and glasses when getting up residents, as well as the importance of keeping a clean and clear pathway along the floors.


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I am a Carer for the elderly and buy a Nursing magazine every 2 weeks. This week there is a page on Falls and older people. Tonight I will just post the web site addresses that go with the artical. Tomorrow I will post the whole artical. For people to read.

But for tonight here are the web sites,

For Details on preventing Slits, trips and Broken Hips, campaign

go to



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For some reason on this site that link is not working I dont know why. If you want to look at this site put it in a search engine and it will work fine. I hope this helps.


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Hi there . We use a check sheet for fall assessment:

1) Over 75

2) Incontinent

3) Mobility

4) Decreased Eyesight

5) Wanderer

6) Drop Attacks

7) Medications

8) Past history of falls

9) Sleeplessness

10) General Weakness

Over five is a high risk to fall and then we do a care plan. I hope this helps and I do intend to go to some the websites mentioned above. Thanks!

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