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I am glad you are following up with your physician.


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Been there. I used to pass out. It was from hyperinsulinemia. Not saying that this is the case with you of course. You can get free diabetes monitors to watch your blood sugars closely. During this period in my life, I could eat a pound of M&M's or more every day. I never gained weight.

In my first year of nursing school I would get very sleepy, especially at holiday dinners. It was a big joke. I fell asleep after eating and the family would video or take pictures of me sleeping. We did the skills demo for glucometer checks. I was 152 fasting.

My pancreas was being attacked. I didn't reailze it. Autoimmune disease it what they call it. I was no stranger to diabetes, I had gestational diabetes 3 times. I was told to watch my weight and keep active since type 2 ran thick in my family. I let it go and my first year of RN school, I got sick. My blood sugar was over 400 and my Hgb A1C was 13.

I was 26, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I was extremely thin and sick. I started on an insulin pump several years later. This is the only way I can continue to practice as a nurse. Although type 1 is not hereditary, my son was diagnosed on his 14th birthday. He's on a pump also.

I would definetly keep an eye on your blood sugars and have your physician test you for antibodies. This may possibly answer the problems that your having.

Hi I'm a prenursing student. I hate to ask this since there are recent questions about medical problems but I'd like some input from anyone experiecing this. Today I passed out at the bank. I was so embarassed and its the second time I've done so in public. Last time it was at Wal-Mart. I can feel it coming on like my head tingles. It started three years ago. The first time was at a friend's house in her kitchen. Her being a diabetic, she tested me and my sugar was very low. I drank orange juice and eventually got it back up. I went to a doctor and explained everything and told him my grandmother was a diabetic. Well I did the glucose test and he said I was fine. The only thing he offered me was be sure you eat every five hours. Well this was before college and while living in the dorms and things I never ate every five hours and a lot of days never ate breakfast but never fainted. I'm back at home for awhile so I eat better and now the fainting spell is back. I'm going to try to get another opinion. Any ideas?? TIA

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I am glad you are following up with your physician.

Ditto that. So glad you're not trying to diagnose yourself.

And I do hope if your doctor refers you to a specialist, you can pony up the money and go. As you can imagine, fainting spells and driving don't mix. So please be careful and have someone drive you around until the cause is determined.

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