Failing Patho. Last Day to Drop is Tomorrow.

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I'm so upset, and I don't know what to do. I got a 68 on my first Pathophysiology test, so I studied like crazy for the second one which proved to be even harder and I got a 62. Tomorrow is the last day to drop without getting an F for the course and trashing my 3.8 GPA.

If I drop the course I'll have to take it again next semester, that will be the ONLY class I'll be taking, and I'll graduate a semester late.

If I stay, I could get an F anyway. There are 4 tests that count equally to make up 75% of the grade and the Comprehensive Final Exam is worth 25%. If I got 100% on everything else from here on out (which I know darn well isn't going to happen) the highest grade I could get is an 87.5%.

I just feel like I've been hit by a truck. I just want to cry.

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I you think you can pull this through and at least pass the rest of the class, I would stay. Honestly, a high GPA was once nice to have, but since admission to the program, I've settled happily with less than a 4.0. Unless you're looking to transfer to another University where they require a high GPA, just do your best as that's all you can do.

As one of my former professors once told me "C's get degrees!"

But if you think there's a good chance you might fail the course, I would drop the class, take a breather to reflect and understand that sometimes it happens to the best of us. If you graduate a semester late, one semester compared to the rest of your life is minuscule. You hop right back on that horse and kick some butt next go around!

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i feel your pain. ! would it be possible for you to request a study guide from your professor?

i have a class where we dont get a study guide or anything for the test she basically wants us to read the 10,000 page book cover to cover..and that does nothing but teach u how to memorize.

what i do is look at the outlines she give out for class and write my own study guide from that..picking up on stuff that she may have mentioned a few times in class.

also try to get with a buddy who got a higher grade and see what they did to do so well. :)

Have you identified what you're having trouble with? Are there facts you don't know well enough? Is the question style difficult for you? Are you not understanding the scenario's of the questions?

If you don't know why you're having trouble, the chances of you turning it around are slim.

I'd definitely bring my exams to my Prof and have a conversation.

I would drop and take the time to do a thorough evaluation of what went wrong and also work on the material while you are waiting to retake the course. You have too much riding on this course grade to take the chance at this point. Good luck.

Well, I've decided to stick it out. I've gotten together with a friend of mine who has a high B (the highest grade anyone has) and she said she's going to show me how she studies for patho. The problem I'm having is that her lectures are very general and cover A LOT of material (10-12 chapters per test), so I learned a little bit about everything, but the questions she asks are intricate little details. I have this week off for Fall Break, so I'm getting a jump on the next unit. I'd rather take the chance of failing and graduating late, that just dropping it and know that I will graduate late.

Thanks for your input, help, and support.

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