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Failing Chem


I've passed all my science classes with A's or B's and Chemistry by far has been the worst of the worst for me. I'm currently failing the class and I have about three weeks till the final exam. So far I haven't done all too well. I thought about dropping the class and receiving a W but of course I didn't. I went to tutoring sessions at the library, made flashcards, and I even practiced the problems at work. NOTHING... I can't seem to understand it at all. I don't know if it's the professor and his power points but his lectures aren't great at all. All I can do right now is finish the class and fail.. My school has a grade forgiveness program and I am planning to take it again with a different professor but I'm worried that this grade will affect my possibilities of going to nursing school? I'm a wreck and I'm feeling like a big time failure... I've never ever failed a class in college/university.

I have failed numerous classes in college and took them again with a different teacher and passed with A's and B's. Just do what you have to do to pass and the rest will follow.

If youre failing with only 3 weeks left, then you should have taken the W and withdrawn from the class. However, since you didnt, you need to do everything in your power to finish the semester on a strong note. Speak to your classmates, and ask them how they are studying. If youre struggling with a particular concept, ask your professor for help.

If you can still drop with a W, then do so.


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What kind of chem is it? I am asking is because for me, general chem was a lot of application, and calculation. Organic chemistry is more about synthesis, evaluation, - just understanding the functional groups in organic chemistry and how they interact in and outside the body. For general chemistry I studied end of chapter problems and it really helped. For organic chemistry it is all about understanding part-part-whole connections. For example, amino acids --> proteins --> enzymes --> different kinds of enzymes --> what they do in the body and how they do it.