Failed the Teas Today


OMG I failed the TEAS today!!! I'm so depressed and everyone keeps telling me so you can take it again. That's not the point I failed this time and I feel like a BIG FAILURE!!!:crying2: I've never failed a test before. Go figure I fail one so important!! My School offers a teas prep class, I think that I am going to take it because I just don't want to risk failing again.:crying2:


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Don't be so hard on yourself! Just study a little harder for the next time.


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dont you dare let that discourage you...use that as ammo...let that anger turn into a passion to do better next go round. You want this bad, then get it girl. Getting signed up for a teas prep class is super smart and you are so lucky you can do that. I'm studying for my teas v that i will take in august and i havent found anyone who does teas v prep classes in my area.

How did you prepare for the one you just took? Did you use the ATI booK? how much time did you have to study before your exam?:heartbeat

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I failed the math portion, twice and am loking to take again. DON'T EVER GET DISCOURAGED. You will make it. best wishes, I am rooting for you.

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Print your report out from ATI(or what ever testing source used) and review and study the areas you scored the lowest in, it helped me improve my score by 10 points. Don't beat yourself up theres nothing wrong with passing the second time around at least now you will know what the test consist of and pass.


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I know this is an older post but I also failed the darn teas on friday. I have a 3.7 gpa and it feels HORRIBLE. Especially since for some reason I didn't pay attention to the math time and when I finally looked up didn't complete the section. I think I missed like 10 which affected me passing. I was tripping checking the math thinking I had enough time and it cost me the entire exam. I have soooo angry and sad for the past few days. I have to go to remediation and depending on when I finish I can retake the exam one last time. Most of the schools in CA only allow you to take it twice. I am praying to be able to take it by this November and believe me I am going to be taking advantage of studying for the next 6 months.