Failed nursing school, any advice?

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Hi everyone,

I was part of an ADN program and I failed my two exit exams that are required for the curriculum in the last week of school. I am not sure if nursing is right for me anymore and I am taking the summer to continue working at my mental health job and see if I can explore other school or career options. I feel pretty dispirited as I was fairly close to passing one exam but I am hopeful that even if nursing isn't right for me I will find something else in healthcare or maybe even another field. Has anyone been in a similar situation of failing and found they went back and completed their degree?

Thanks for any input!

Don't you get a chance to remediate and graduate? I find it hard to believe your school does not offer at least one chance to get it together.

I am in the same situation. Missed graduating by 0.9 of a point.

Can you retake a class? I would call the school and see your options. If not, if this is your dream go elsewhere. Take a year off if you can't continue at the same school. See if there's another profession you woudn't mind doing :(

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I know 3 individuals who failed a semester, went back following semester, repeated, passed, graduated & are all now nurses. One even recently became a NP.

I have the same issue right now. Im in the process of appealling for a grade change taking a LOA and coming back to do better. If you know you can do this and want to do this. Go and ask the school what can you do to succeed. Just because we didnt pass nursing school, doesnt make us bad nurses.

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