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Failed-now what?

by wel43 wel43 Member

I "failed" the nclex-rn yesterday. Now i'm waiting for the official results and letter from pearson vue. I must be doing terribly wrong since i failed at 75. I don't understand why. I had more than 10 prioritization and about 12 satas on the NCLEX. I have been practicing more than 3500 questions from davis, kaplan, lippincott and lacharity. Basically i tried to complete 100 questions a day. I did some content review. I cried all day yesterday and i'm ready to move on. Any advice? Please and thank you!!

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If you're reasonably certain that you failed, you should wait for the Candidate Performance Report to be sent to you. That report should provide you a reasonably good breakdown of the areas you need to work on. It won't give you a question by question breakdown of your performance though. That won't help you anyway because you'll never see that same exam again.

It's not the type of question that you get that determines pass/fail... it's the level of difficulty. Those prioritization and SATA questions could very well have been rated "below standard" so the fact that you got them isn't always a good sign that you're doing well. All of the questions I got were either single answer (which one is best) or SATA. My exam didn't have any fill in the blank, reorder, or point & click where you'd expect an issue. My exam also shut off at 75 and I passed. The question blend really doesn't matter that much... just the difficulty level.

Here's the thing: if you've done well enough to exit RN school, you should have the knowledge necessary to pass the NCLEX. You've now "seen the elephant" and so it's no longer a mystery for you. Remember to breathe, slow down and read the question, and figure out what each question is really asking and do your best.

That CPR holds all the answers about what you need to work on.

Happy studying!!!

I "failed" at the minimum number of questions to. I left and started planning to retake because I knew I had done so bad. Except I passed :) My friends tried to tell me they felt the same way leaving and I kept saying " no you don't understand it was bad"

So good luck and hopefully you wont need to retake!

How do you know you failed already?

Also google pearsone vue trick it worked for my friends but not for me because I tested on a Saturday.

Yesterday i Did the pearson vue trick and got a credit card page when delivery was successful. This indicated i failed and i checked pennsylvania board of nursing license page. Nothing. :no:

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The first step is to look at your performance report when you are able to receive it.

To add:

The issue may not necessarily the source of the review, but how one approaches the NCLEX itself: understanding the four concepts of becoming a competent, entry-level nurse:

1. Safe, effective care;

2.Health promotion;

3.Physiological Integrity;

4.Psychosocial integrity

Will determine WHAT the question is asking you; the question may be Respiratory related-but is it a Health Promotion or a Safety, or a Physiological or a Psychosocial one? Would you know the difference and choose the BEST answer?

Once one understands the concepts of NCLEX, they can do so successfully.

Looking forward once you find out what categories you did not pass in, review questions, rationales, if you don't understand the rationale THEN refer to content to understand the rationale-lather, rinse, repeat. ;)

Best wishes.