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failed 2nd timei


I took my 2nd NCLEX last monday. I just got the quick results saying I failed. I had 75 questions the same as the 1st one. On my first try I know I wasn't that prepared so it was no surprise I failed. But this time I was more confident. I studied for 3 months after I found out I failed the 1st time. On my first try I used Hurst. On my my 2nd attempt. I listened to hurst again and wrote it down so that I could understand it better and reread it several times. I also used PDA, read the 97 page guide atleast twice and purchased the NCSBN 8 weeks. I have been studying for 5 hours a day. I thought I was really ready this time because I know my content and had decent scores both in Hurst and NCSBN. I felt so ready. I was even expecting to pass this time. I don't know what I did wrong or what I was doing wrong. I don't know how to study anymore. I don't know what's wrong. Is it my content? Or test taking skills? Or is it both?

Please help me. I thought I did everything I should do. What now? I have been out of school for almost 2 years already and everyone is just pressuring me.

I think you should consider a tutor who specifically offers NCLEX-preparation and study plans, or a live review course. Being out of school for 2 years means you are facing more challenges than a new graduate; someone who is guiding you through the study plans may be able to see where you need extra help.

Failing with the minimum number of questions two times indicates pretty clearly you are not even close in how you're going about this; you just don't have the content down as much as you think. If you did, you would have moved past those questions and on to the applied-knowledge questions, higher-level questions. Having the computer stop at the minimum and PASSING means the tester demonstrated content knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge. Failing at the minimum means most likely you weren't yet demonstrating competency in the content, and couldn't let you continue.

Is it possible your content is down adequately and you just don't know how to apply it? Possibly, yes....but then you wouldn't likely have stopped at 75 questions, it would have given you more opportunity to demonstrate that you could critically-think your way through the questions it gave you.

I'm not saying that to hurt your feelings, but to be very clear that this isn't a case of "almost" or "just barely". It's definite that you are doing a lot wrong, and I'd strongly suggest getting an in-person tutor or classroom review to find out what you can do to pass at this point. It'd be extremely difficult to do this over the internet, as you don't require 'brushing up', but need a lot of 1:1 for good prep.

Good luck!

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