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Failed nclex twice


Hey guys I've failed nclex twice. First time around I used Kaplan and used the saunders content review and I burnt myself out with studying. The second time around I took it and I used Hurst for content , Kaplan for questions and was going up to school for help. Does anyone have any advice on how I should approval it this time and if your in Florida and studying and have a study group you could recommend that would be great !

Are you going over the questions that you missed and understanding the rationale? Is there a certain category that you have issues with? Find out why you've missed the questions that you've missed: Do you not know the content? Didn't understand the question? You should constantly ask yourself "why" when you're taking practice test. Ex: If the question asks what nursing action limits hypoxia when suctioning an airway and you know that the answer is applying suction only after the catheter is inserted then you should understand why, what happens if you don't, and be able to explain why the other answers are wrong.

The NCLEX tests your decision making skills as well as your ability to keep patients safe. It is not a test where you remember tons of facts and then brain dump on test day. I used Kaplan and passed in 75 questions the first time (in Florida). I studied the rationales and tried to understand why it made sense and connected the answers to other questions and/or other body systems. I also used free online tests, apps, and listened to test material in my car while driving. The more exposure that you have the better your chances are of passing but you MUST understand why a question is right or wrong. Also don't stress. I know this is easy to say but you really need to feel confident when taking this test and preparation is the best way.

Plenty of people have been in your shoes and passed. You are not alone and you can and will pass. Do some reflection, change your study habits, and get ready to become a nurse!

Thank you so much I'm going over the rationales but I think since I'm visual I will write them down and reword and with the why down as well with them. I have some audio lectures and I will keep doing questions and reading rationales. Do you think questions ate my best bet because there are a few areas I have continuously worked on because I'm weak in them. I really want to prepare well this time

I too failed my first try to pass nclex. I used Hurst and Kaplan. I utilized Hurst primarily; I completed the entire program. I did some Kaplan questions but didn't like and fully understand the rationales. I failed because I couldn't apply my learnings to the application, delegation and priority questions. I ran out of time at 233 questions and failed.

On my second attempt, I utilized Uworld. Uworld has rationales that are broken down in a way that allowed me to truly learn more content and apply what I was learning. I finished the entire Uworld question bank with a 51% average. I read every rationale and redid every question I got wrong.

Once I completed Uworld I went back to Kaplan questions. Surprisingly after finishing Uworld, Kaplan's questions and rationales made perfect sense. Kaplans questions were harder than Uworlds, but I was determined to use Kaplan too. I did about 800 qbank questions and rationales.

I passed my second attempt with 185 questions and the questions were very similar to Kaplan's questions. I would highly recommend the approach of Uworld then Kaplan for anyone who is struggling with higher level nclex questions. I didn't do well asorbing all the reading and videos. I hope this helps you.

Ok thank you I'll look into it I just don't have the money right now. Do you recommend Hurst questions. I feel like doing away with Kaplan my scores the second time around improved substantially but I feel like I'm starting to remember questions on the trainers and the nclex prep

I would not. I took every question and did every rationale and failed. Hurst works well for some, but didn't for me. The Uworkd QBank (30 days) + Assessment 1 & 2 (2-weeks) is $79. I would focus on Uworld then Kaplan. If you only have access to Kaplan, make sure you really are understanding the rationales. My observation is Kaplan's questions were very similar to many questions I saw on the exam.

Ok thank so much I appreciate it !


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Hurst review helped me a lot, as well as saunders and answering a lot of questions! I think I still have the video up of some of the books I reviewed on youtube. I was weak on pharmacology and I'm a visual learner so I used this little Pharmacology mnemonics books I found on Barnes and Noble. There's also a lot of Visual study materials on pinterest that are printable too! I took my NCLEX 3x and really lost hope when I failed the 2nd time but 7 years later, it doesn't even matter! Good luck!