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Failed NCLEX on 1st try, used HURST

by ChelseyMay ChelseyMay (New) New

Has anyone else had this problem? I studied ALL of the material for hurst and did all the Q reviews and still failed NCLEX the first time. I'm now taking the Kaplan review, has anyone had experience with it?

Every single review program out there has had people pass afterward, and fail afterward. Nothing new there....not every program works for every person on the planet. People pass after Hurst and fail. People pass after Kaplan and fail.

It's really not the kind of review course you're doing, it's HOW you're doing it. Find out what your weak areas were from the failed NCLEX (and the review questions you're doing) and see where you need work. Knowledge deficit? Strategies weak? You won't pass until you know what went wrong specifically, for you, when you took the NCLEX the first time.