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failed NCLEX for the second time need help with resources


hi everyone i took my test on Dec 11th 2014 i found out i failed yesterday for the second time, i am a little disappointed but i am over it, it is what it is life has to go on. I wanted to hear suggestions from re takers, i want to take and pass this time around, i am waiting for my CPR from there i can know if it was content or strategy, the first time i had 75 questions and failed i had three categories near passing, one above passing and three below passing so i knew i had alot to do and study, the second time i had 187 questions 21 SATA, 3 EKGS, alot of prioritization, infection control. I have read on here that people read content how do you study? TOO MUCH INFO I AM SURE NO ONE CAN FINISH ALL THAT INFO...LOL. I used DAVIS Q&A i liked this because the questions where hard ALOT SATA which is my weak area. ANY SUGGESTIONS, BOOKS That have a lot of SATA i want to practice alot of this.. PLEASE NO SORRIES I HAVE DEALT WITH IT I JUST WANT TO START STUDYING AGAIN PASS AND MOVE ON I KNOW I CAN DO THIS OTHER PEOPLE HAVE DONE IT SO WHY NOT ME? I am thinking of doing ncsbn either 5weeks or 8 weeks not sure. ANY SUGGESTIONS GUYS

Hi I have to retest as well, friends told me to know content, which is important to answer the questions, I have Saunders, Kaplan strategies, Lacharity PDA, I also have been looking at you tube, istudentnurses.com, nursing apps on my phone, student nurses3.blogspot.com, mercks manual, medline plus, ati review, it's a lot but I am determined to pass the second time around, I even bought me a dry erase board to write and analyze, as well taking notes, I am also doing 50 to 200 questions a day, working a full time job, hang in there we will make it, take your time to understand the content, because I was near passing in all categories, I went all the way to 265 on first attempt, I spoke with someone about this once I received my cpr and they stated I was close to passing just decrease the anxiety focus, take breaks, most of all know content, memorization is not the only way to study, we got this, if other people made it, we will too, we, are no different, everyone just has their own time and season. ..

You tube is wonderful

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Thank you memern14, yes we will make it i wish you all the best in your studies anymore suggestions guys?

Have you looked into the Hurst Review? I sat through their review sessions and passed the first time with 75 questions. The Hurst Review really simplifies things and teaches you how to do well, and you can sit through their sessions as many times as you need to in order to understand the content.

You are welcome, and yes Hurst review is good I heard too, and thanks, we both will have success...

I have heard it is good but expensive, ncsbn 5wks is like 75 bucks their questions are hard too, id rather do harder questionsthan easy ones. Thank you guys for the advice anymore suggestions please.

We will make it....let's stay positive. Failed too last Dec. 6th. good luck to all of us!!!

I am still doing research on what resources to get before i start studying i don'twant to fail again input will be appreciated. Anyone in texas how many times can you take the test is there a number?


I also took the exam on December 11... I passed according to the quick results.

I believe you can take the exam as many times as you can in a 4 year period after graduation.

Good luck!

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Still looking for resources guys please. Thanks for the responses.

How long did it take for the CPR to come when you took your exam the 1st time? I tested Dec 6th and I haven't received anything. I refuse to pay for the quick results. I'm in Texas also.