Failed NCLEX-RN few times Applying for LPN examination

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Hi, I am a foreign educated nurse I transferred here in NYC just last year and been wanting to get a job as soon as possible. I applied for the NCLEX-RN examinations and took me a year to get my CVS done thru CGFNS. I have been taking the NCLEX-RN 3 times already and no luck of passing it. I am just wondering if I can apply for an LPN exam instead? Do I still need to undergo the process of getting my CVS? although CGFNS already sent a report to NYSED on my credentials during my RN application process? I would really appreciate your help on these matter.thanks.:)


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The NCLEX PN exam will not in any way be easier then the RN version and is not a backup for those who cant pass the RN version. If you are not passing RN, then chances are that you will not pass PN either. And just a heads up, there are those here that will be offended at you assuming PN is easier.

What you need to do is find what you are doing wrong in your studying because it is obviously not working. Maybe its breaking the questions down, or content in a certain area, or certain types of questions. Look for a tutor for NCLEX preparation to help you so you can pass next time. GL


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I am a foreign born but graduated from nursing school here in the U.S. both PN and RN. I didn't find PN NCLEX easier than RN exam. RN is more delegation and prioritization but both exams still consist of basic nursing knowledge and skills (pathology and nursing intervention are the same.)

I would recommend you to take a refreshed course and find your weaknesses. I might be anxiety, language barrier.... figure that out. I'm sure you will do fine with RN exam in the future.


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hey wanted to find out if you decided to take the Lpn, listen to your instinct, I am in the same shoes, I took my nclex-rn twice and didn't make it, and went to take the nclex-LPN I passed all thanks to God. don't let people on this site discourage you.