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I took my first attempt at the NCLEX-RN last week and just found out that I have failed. To say that I am devastated is an understatement. I used both Hurst Review and UWorld to study so I felt pretty confident about passing on the first try. When I sat down to take the exam, a lot of the information just seemed so foreign to me. Some of the stuff I had never heard of. The answers were very broad. Even the SATA were difficult. Some of the choices were easy to pick out, but then there always seemed to be two that I was unsure of. The worst part is that I had a job lined up that I was going to begin in October and now I need to tell them that I am a failure. I'm sure that I lost any opportunity of ever gaining employment there again. I just feel so lost as this point. I'm not sure what my next steps will be. I don't even know what else I can do to prepare for the exam. If anyone has any words of advice or any suggestions of how to study or what resources you used that were beneficial - I would appreciate anything at this point. Thank you so much!

Hello sap76,

First thing is don't give up there is a God up above that will see you through this, I am a repeat test taker and believe me I know how it feel to fail this test, I always keep in mind " what God has for me is for me" ! and it will happen in his time. I myself do not feel that there is one thing that will help that is 100%, my advice is to keep practicing questions and go back to see what areas you need to brush up on, what has helped me is understanding what the question is asking, read the question twice look at your choices take out the ones that does not fit,even if it seem they all fit and sometimes they do,then you choose what will help the patient right now. I hope this shed alittle light on things for you, and most of all keep the faith and pray!

Thank you so much ksmitty00!

Failing is normal, it's part of the learning process. Consider this an opportunity to consider where you went wrong. It seems that you're lacking an understanding of content. So consider really focusing on the rationales of the questions that you do. Take down notes and use outside resources like youtube. I don't think you have to deviate from Hurst or UWorld, just spend more time focusing on learning from the material. Great thing about Uworld is that you can rest the questions and do them by topic. I suggest resetting UWorld, doing the questions over (perhaps by topic) and try doing 75+ questions a day. But remember to really focus on the rationales and try to learn and equally understand as much as you can.

Also, i'm sure the job offer would still be available for application after you pass. Do not sweat!

Thank you so much YRRN! Your words mean a lot and your suggestions are very helpful! I appreciate it!

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