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Failed NCLEX-PN Twice-Please Help!

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I graduated LPN school in December, 2013. I did very well in school, graduating with honors. I felt pretty confident the first time I took my NCLEX exam, however I didn't study the way I should have. Took Hurst Review & didn't find it helpful, but didn't explore other options outside of studying lightly with friends. Answered all 265 questions, and knew that I did not pass. This was very devastating and embarassing to me, especially since I had a classmate with me that did the Pearson Vue trick and found that they passed. Got my papers in the mail saying that I got "near passing" on all subjects except for one which was "below passing".

I waited a few months due to health issues before starting to think about taking NCLEX the second time. I studied more this time using the Saunders book & online quizzes, and felt confident. I tried to go into my exam with a positive attitude, but it was very hard considering the circumstances. I felt more confident throughout the test and felt that I had done well even though I still answered all 265 questions, only to find out that yet again I did not pass. Again, I got the papers in the mail saying that I got "near passing" on all subjects this time. So naturally I'm thinking there must have been SOME improvement & I can't just completely be missing the ball seeing as how I don't fail out at 85 questions!

I am so frustrated and confused because I truly feel like I know the material & I feel that I deserve to pass this test. I want nothing more than to be able to be a nurse and help people that are in need, it is something that genuinely brings me happiness & peace.

I am now studying for my third attempt at NCLEX-PN & I have purchased the 3 week NCSBN Learning Extension Review as well as using my Saunders review before that. As I read through all of the lessons I find myself thinking "I remember that" a lot. There are a few things that I am glad I have been refreshed on as well. I have done every lesson, reading every word and trying to understand each part. I do well on my post tests and quizzes in each lesson. BUT I keep finding myself making 45%-75% on the practice quizzes. A lot of times I know the answer, but continuously talk myself out of it!

Can someone PLEASE help me with ways to be more confident in the things that I know & maybe some pointers on what to study?! I'm sorry that this is such a long post, most of you may not even read it, but any help is greatly appreciated. I need hope!

Thank you so much.


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Well first off ..the lpn nclex total question is only 206 questions that you can have....then second thing is do the test when you are ready for sure. I failed once before and was about to retake the second time but I wasn't ready . Then try and come up with a plan of action and stick to the plan /schedule to pass the test. Write down things ...like why did the choose that answer then when reviewing the test and force on understanding what they are talking about ...not all answers are the right answer but nclex wants what it wants to make sure the patient is safe. Try doing a little at a time on each subject and pass that part then move forward with a new subject. I want to pass so bad myself but I have to be ready in my head first...and stop worrying about every question ....You pass nursing school so the hard part is over now you have force on understanding the questions. Good luck

Sorry about incorrect info. I had been reading multiple NCLEX stories prior to writing my story therefore while I meant to put 205 questions,265 must've been on my mind! Regardless of the number of questions listed in my story the overall outcome is still the same. I answered max number of questions and did not pass. Thank you for the advice & good luck to you as well!

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Great ...I hope I didn't sound negative to you because that wasn't what I trying to do. I am so sorry if I were but for sure the ncsbn is a great review. I used it but I didn't use it right. Now I use it and I use all of it, it's long but it give you information about each subject , and the question look just like the nclex-pn question . You can't go wrong with it, I like it. For me everyone has a story of how to take the test...I get overwhelmed with things . I found myself all over the place try to get a review with a high scores...mine was in the 40% to 60%. In the end it's you only taking the test so you have to get it...understand the questions and WHY they choose the answer. Nclex world is straight to the point just like ATI and ncsbn not no long questions...good luck to you

No, you're totally fine! I just realized "wow I must look like an idiot not even putting the right number of questions I answered" so I wanted to clarify! Lol so far I love the ncsbn review but I can't help but wonder if its helping or not. I think it's going to be hard for me to feel comfortable or ready to take the test again given my history with the exam. All I know is that I am trying & studying harder than ever and that's all I can do! Thank you so much for the kind words and advice. It's nice to have others in the same situation to talk to, no one at home really understands the stress that comes along with the dreaded NCLEX!

Hi! I recently took the NCLEX PN and got the "good pop up" I feel pretty confident with the Pearsonvue trick. If I had not gotten the "good pop up" I was going to study HESI as I saw a lot of similarities to how the format of the questions was. I personally used NCLEX mastery app which is an amazing resource to review as I would take it everywhere and was able to study almost every hour wether it be for 5 minutes or hours each little bit counts. I would recommend HESI you can buy the practice and the app which cost $29.99 good luck with your testing. Keep is updated

I will definitely try those! I just finished the learning extension course and registered to take my exam! I'm trying to brush up on lab values and pharm before my test. Hoping and praying I pass this time, I feel more relaxed than before which gives me a small confidence boost! Thanks for everyone's input! I will keep you updated!

Hey, i feel ur pain, i have same situation, but don't give up!!! We can do it! I personally sign in with kaplan right know, will see how that's go, u can do it!!! Good luck to u!!! Let me know how its go!!!


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