Failed Nclex, Has anyone tried the Workshop?

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Hi! So I found out that I officially failed my first attempt at the NCLEX-RN. I was depressed for 1 week but I'm over it now and I'm more than ready to tackle this beast!!! I had only used Kaplan the first time around.

I was wondering if anyone has tried the online workshop? It seems more content based and offers some strategies on test taking. After reading my CPR I see that I fell weak in some content areas so I know this will be useful. And it's only$20/week. I will also be using Saunders 6th ed, and PDA by Lacharity. I plan to use Kaplan still but will do so while I review content. I could not find any online reviewers of this workshop and was hoping I could find a couple on here :-)

Thanks in advance! Congrats to those of you who have passed and good luck to those still in waiting or re-taking the test!

[COLOR=#003366]Daniegirl2011 I failed nclex for first time with 75 questions i had things above passing, near passing, one subject below passing.. anyway I am using my friend Hurst review I am able to listen most of the lecture and fill out the forms... I did Brilliant nurse for strategy test taking I did all the priority videos and I also did the one has content with questions divided.. i didn't like their content much too much details I like Hurst because straight to nclex exam.. I loved the priority, management videos but the questions are taken from PDA.. if you register get the 7 days with 4 days trial and I did all the info in 8 days I printed them to review them too. I am also using online kaplan i love the kaplan questions review its very refreshing with strategy.. I may do ncbsn if i have time not sure yet!

Good luck to you and stay positive! we can do it.

Thanks so much for your feedback! Yeah I'm just trying to figure out what materials I want to use to study this time around. I'll do as u suggested and try this workshop for 1 week with the 4 day trial. I have Kaplan, waiting for Saunders 6th Ed. and PDA to come in the mail this week. Good luck to you as well!! We can definitely do this!

[COLOR=#003366]Daniegirl2011 no problem, Your ursing Saunders for contents right? I am using Hurst almost done listening to all videos and filling the sheets... then we'll start Kaplan there's kaplan online strategy how to answer questions in all caretgories its very nice. Use that either now or before you take the board. It helps you to keep mind set how to answer the questions. I am also using startegy book for Kaplan my friend told me use it because helped her getting stronger in strategy.

PDA you can log in online which is I like and you can choose category to focus like Priority, or Assigment do it online much better :)

Good luck and keep me updated!

Yes I'll be using Saunders for content review. I'll look into Hurst as well :-) Thanks again for the feedback!! I plan to test again at the end of October. What about you? It seems like you have a great strategy all set up! I believe you will be very successful :-) keep me updated as well!!

[COLOR=#003366]Daniegirl2011 I am using my friend Hurst I was able to print all the notes and listen to videos and the videos are only hour to 2 hours some topics straight to the point. I will give you a credit I have saunders but I am not able to sit and read all the info :/ I am planning to take my exam end of october or beginning or November. I am trying my best... I have struggled during Nursing school between my hospital and clinic job. Now i am working only one job and I am studying... I will keep you updated. Oh don't forget few days before exam do review the 35 pages I heard it does help. I never reviewed it for the first time. Good luck :)