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Failed NCLEX first time, passed second!!

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Hello everyone. I wanted to take a minute to tell everyone my NCLEX journey in hopes that it may help someone who was in my same position. I graduated May 2017 with my BSN, and took my NCLEX the first time in June. I used hurst to study and honestly didn't really take studying for the NCLEX seriously. I was honestly trying to enjoy my summer and hang out with my friends and studying was the least of my worries. I did all the hurst practice tests and I skimmed over the hurst book. Long story short, I finished my test in 75 questions. I had maybe 5-7 SATA, and one drag and drop. I knew right away that i failed. I tried the PVT in the parking lot right after my test and it showed the bad pop-up. I was devastated. 48 hours later i found out that i actually failed. I was so upset. I had to tell my manager of my internship that i failed and i lost my job. After I learned that I failed, I googled and went on this site to try and find help to see what i should do next. I knew I had to change my study habits and then i found UWORLD. Let me start off by saying that UWORLD is the best question bank I have ever used. UWORLD is awesome!!!!!! I finished the whole Q-bank and i scheduled my test for Aug. 23rd. My average was 62% which put me in the 84th precentile. I made sure to read all the rationales to the questions i missed and wrote down ones I felt were important on a world document. about a week before my test I printed out my notes and it was a total of about 25 pages. I studied those up until my test. My test was scheduled for 8am, so I got up made myself a pancake (tried to eat it) and left with plenty of time to get to my testing center. My test shut off at 75 (AGAIN) and I was terrified. This time around the test was WAY harder. I had maybe 10-12 SATA (so not as much as everyone says they have if they stop at 75, which scared me), one drag and drop, and one EKG. Near the end of my test I noticed i was getting a lot of delegation and priority questions but i didn't think anything of it. Right when I got to my car I called my mom and BAWLED. I was positive i failed. I'm not a strong test taker and I was convinced that there was no way i was doing that good to pass in 75. 4 Hours after I got home I tried the PVT. I got the good pop-up. I still didn't believe it. 24 hours later i tried it again and i still got the good pop-up. Fast forward to 48 hours later i found out I PASSED!!!! This was the best feeling in the world. After studying my butt off for about 2 months I could finally say I was a Registered Nurse. I would recommend U-WORLD to anyone! study it, memorize it, and it wont let you down. Passing the NCLEX is a very hard and stressful journey, but if I can do it anyone can. Good luck to everyone and I hope my story could help someone (-:

Congrats! What an inspiring story. I graduate this year and have been using UWorld to help me study, so I'm elated it helps!

It will i'm positive!! Good luck to you!

it will i'm positive! good luck to you!