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I am reaching out for help. This is the first time I took my ANP boards and failed. I did take a review course, Leik, and studied afterwards. But when I go to the boards 95% of my test was Gero, none of which I really studied. I know for a fact the questions that I did get correct I had studied similar ones during my study.

Any help or responses on what I should do next. I was not actually upset, I was surprised that the questions were mainly Gero.

I am planning to start studying again and in a few months retake. I will take Leik review again, but what else should I do?



I'd assess the areas you were weak in. In your case Gero. I'd also highly recommend looking into Fitzgerald resources. I study her material all the time and I'm still in school. She goes a little too in depth at times but you will know your stuff! Best of luck and keep us posted!

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I would assume the FNP test is set like the NCLEX and many other computer based tests, in that it picks on your weaknesses.

The computer will start out with easy questions until it gets to the hardest ones you can answer, then it will go back to easy questions and then escalate to more difficult questions, and it will do this over and over again until it figures out if you are competent. The computerized test also figures out your area(s) of weakness and will continue to ask questions related to that are until it can definitely say you are component or incompetent in that particular area. As another poster eluded too you need to study geriatrics, as that is clearly a weakness given that most of your questions were in that area. Also remember some questions are beta questions that they are only 'testing" out to see how many people can answer them correctly, so not all questions you answer actually count.

Good luck.


Thank you. I received my breakdown, and I missed by 5 questions. I think knowing that hurt more than if I had missed by 15. I am still studying. Have studied over 4,000 questions. Great thing the site I used I can use to show towards review. I am hopeful this time, and I am so gero'd out. I can't do anymore questions on Gero.

Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.

Thank you for your response, I have done so many questions and studying, I should be ready now.

Thanks for your response.

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I wish you luck! Go kick that test's ass!


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Moved to student NP forum - best wishes. You can do this!

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