Failed my first time


I failed my 1st try the 13th of July. I was wondering what everyone is studying? Also if you passed what was the most helpful thing that got you to pass. Right now I am using information I found on this webcite and the 4th ed. Saunders. I tried to read the book my first time, now i am using the cd which seems to be a big help. Hopefully I will take my next attempt in September. Any suggestions would be a big help.

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Aww -hugs- I used Saunders 4ed cd as well as LaCharity. I also cracked open Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy just because I have a hard time remembering medications. I didn't review every medication, but going through the sections helped me remember the basics.

I mostly focused on areas of weakness like endocrine and neuro (for me) in Saunders. I wouldn't go through the entire cd if you don't need to. Focus on the rationale you are given at the end of the questions. Read the right and the wrong answers to understand why they are wrong. Work on the areas you feel the weakest in and go from there. Good luck on your next attempt.

You can do it! :p


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LaCharity is a must! alot of nclex has priority and delegation type of questions.... it helped me tremendously and the random fact thread is a great resource! In addition, I used Kaplan's test strategies. Good luck!