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Failed 2 exams....having a phobia for Finals



I would like to tell my little story and I need advice. I am in my first semester N101 Fundamentals in a ADN program at my college. I thought I was doing well after getting an 80 in my first exam. I studied for my next exam and got a 66. I decided to change my studying skills and add assessment and interventions in my notes. I studied various things about my third exam and thought I was doing well. My clinical group and I went to have a study group and we went over my notes because they didn't bring theirs. It was a random study thing after our clinical day. I had my notes ready and was just going over them. After test day, I found out I failed the third exam. I got a 64. :( I thought I was doing well. There was a question about spirolactone. I even told myself, okay, that's a diuretic and it's a potassium sparing. The question was what nurse tteaching is effective and I chose " I will eat high-potassium foods." I was so mad at myself because I know the information. What was worse was that all of my clinical group managed to pass their with high Cs or Bs. I was like what happened to me??

Now, it's the coming finals. A lot of people dropped out. I checked my grade and my overall exam average is a 70.5, but overall my current grade is a 76.5. You need at least a 72 exam average to stay in the program regardless of the other grades itself. I was thinking of dropping out but people talked me into staying. I asked my parents and they told me to stay. The word of that day was "It's doable". IDK now that I have failed 2 exams, I am more stress.

I think the reason I didn't do well was that I don't read the question thoroughly and also when it comes to studying I tend to write too much notes but never had time to really study them. Also, I think I am lacking with critical thinking skill. Sometimes I feel like I don't know what I am learning and such. Please give me a word of advice.......I feel like the stress is affecting me both mentally and physically. My BP and HR is high. My appetite has decreased....

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and just could not fall back to sleep.

I want to become a nurse and I really do.....I am scared to fail and lately that's what I have been feeling right now.....a failure.....my final exam is in 3 weeks and it's an accumulative one...I am stress because first it's a lot of materials to go over and second I am afraid that I might not make it....

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Have you gotten supplemental questions, ie NCLEX exam review books?

I suggest the Success Series Fundamentals book; they have books for other subjects in Nursing School as well. I found the series to be very helpful in practicing questions for my nursing exams.

Also learn to READ the question and what it is ASKING; don't second guess. Take your time, breathe, and choose the BEST answer.

Best Wishes.

Slow down read the questions then before you look at the answers get an answer in your head then look at the answers make sure the question said what you think it said make your choice and move on. What helpedme was knowing why the answer was right and the others were wrong. Good luck.

Yes I have been practicing NCLEX questions....thank you for the advice...

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Are your exams on paper or on a computer? If it's on paper, underline the KEYWORDS that the question asks. You will always be given a scenario or short intro and then asked a question. Underline what the question is specifically asking and then think about what the possible answer could be. Look at each answer separately. Does the exact wording of the answer fit the question? If not, it's not the correct answer. Don't select an answer if you have to say "well, this one fits if..." If you have to add a condition to the answer, it is not the correct choice.

Finally: TAKE YOUR TIME! It's not a race, you'll have plenty of time to read and answer each question. Don't stop reading a question because you think you already know the answer. Read the whole, entire question. If you're stuck between 2 answers, go with your gut reaction. Most of the time, it's the correct choice. Also, never change your answers unless you realize that you didn't read the question correctly the first time.

Good luck on your final!!! :)

If you drop out its a sure thing you didn't make it. No one is making you drop out. Finish the final...let that be your deciding factor. I always told myself, I would never drop out, they would have to make me leave (i.e it would be due to the grades). So for lack of a better saying...it's not over till the fat lady sings! Keep going till the end, you never know! I have had many friends getting low 70's and not going to pass but then rock it out on the final and pass!

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Stay strong it seems that you and I have about the same life in nursing school with these test. Don't give up I'm not. I have two more test and I only have so many points. Try your best thats all you can do, try not to worry about your grade just think about the next test. It's not over yet. One good test can rise your grade so much. Stay positive it's not over yet. Try studying with people in your class that are doing really well. I have tried that and my grade has been going up a little at a time. Baby steps. Good luck you got this.