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I failed one of my theory class in final semester. I attend a college in Georgia. Can I transfer to another college to complete. I have already applied to a two yr college to do my RN, do I forget about LPN and focus on RN.

I would look at all of your options. My LPN program will let you just repeat the final semester. There were some that tested into our program from other programs and started at 2nd and 3rd semester.

Which campus do you attend.

Specializes in none in LPN school now.

Then program that I was attending you would either have to wait until the next year class start and pick up where you lefted off.But for me that was too long so I applied at Technical colleges and they are giving me a headache because the program I was attending was 12 mths and theres is 16-18 mths so the hours are different so they want accept some of my classes because we spent less hours in some classes

Was you class in GA.

I'm in TN. My program required people from other colleges to take a test to determine which semester they should enter.

What is the name of your college in TN.

Some colleges may ask you when applying to a different nursing program if you have failed any nursing classes.

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